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A two-way radio is the one which can both transmit and receive signals.. A two-way radio allows to communicate and talk with the other similar radios having same radio frequency. Two-way radios are small, compact, portable and handy.

The twenty first century brought with it, many technologies and advancements in the field of communication. These technologies produced dynamic changes in ways the world used to communicate however some vintage items remained priceless and they never lost their worth till this day. Radio is one such device. No matter how many new gadgets you have, listening to talk shows and your favourite back to back tracks on radio has always been the best form of relaxation. Radio used to exist as bulky, heavy kind of an appliance in the last century. It was not portable. But today it has become compact and is available in a number of designs and models. You name the size and colour and you have it.

Radio communication systems

The radio communication system consists of the radio equipment that is involved in the communication of radio waves.It basically is composed of a transmitter and a receiver, both having antennas. The transmitter has a microphone and the receiver has a loudspeaker just like every basic communication system. Waves are generated by transmitter and have to be received by the receiver.Classical radio communications systems use frequency-division multiplexing (FDM) that divides the bandwidth frequencies so that multiple parties can use them. Time-division multiplexing (TDM) and code-division multiplexing (CDM) as alternatives to the classical FDM strategy and are more modern communication systems. Simplex and duplex communication systems are also there.

Two-way Radios

A two-way radio is the one which can both transmit and receive signals.. A two-way radio allows to communicate and talk with the other similar radios having same radio frequency. Two-way radios are small, compact, portable and handy. They are most common in handheld configurations. Most of the two way radios come in the form of walky takies.The operation of two-way radio comes with a condition that the operator can talk at a time, or he can listen at a time, but he can not do both at the same time.

A radio repeater is a combo of radio transmitter and receiver. It allows the two way radio signals to cover larger distances.Repeaters are found in professional, commercial, and government mobile radio systems.Two frequencies are used in a radio repeater, one for transmission and the other after receiving and for retransmission.

Pocket-sized radios

A portable, pocket sized radio is the best thing you can have. It is a gadget which you can carry along anywhere you go. If you are planning to go maybe to the beach, to a faraway village area, even going on a trip and to any such place where there are signal issues, you should take your pocket radio with you. It will keep you updated with all that is happening in your country and will also keep you entertained with music.Pocket size radios can retrieve AM and FM both signals. Nowadays most of the pocket radios are equipped with ports for ipod and MP3 players. Not only that, there are other benefits of using a pocket size radio. It can be your workout and exercise partner and can also be a companion in emergency situations. 


Today, Portable Radio has taken many forms. It includes radios in mobile phones, radio broadcasting, wireless communication, two way and pocket sized radios. Radio has eased out lives. It provides the most relaxing form of entertainment even today. If you are looking one for you, visit Wvdsf.com now.


It is a matter of fact that the Radio Portable provide dependable communication between two parties and this is only possible when they are well maintained.


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