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Best Route For London To Jeddah Flights
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If you are looking to book a cheap flight from London to Jeddah then here we are discussing some useful tips. 25 percent people usually found this information very helpful in finding cheap flights on this route for almost £380 or less. Actually, the cheapest London to Jeddah flights could be found if you buy a ticket almost 25 days before departure. Actually, this is a trick that could be used to book cheap flights and yes you can also book a flight 2 weeks before departure if you want to take advantage of the cheapest flight.

Airlines that fly from London to Jeddah

Here we are discussing specific airlines that fly on the route from London to Jeddah Flights that include British Airways, Saudi airways both of them offer direct flights from London to Jeddah.

Terminal Information – Departing   

This is actually a basic information that you should know while traveling from London to Jeddah. And yes don’t forget to check your boarding pass for keeping yourself up to date with terminal information.

Normally British Airways use to depart from terminal number 5 while Saudi flights use to leave from terminal number 4. You have to be very careful while traveling to the airport both terminals 4 or 5 used to have their own committed stops on the tube. Always keep in mind that bringing alcohol into the region of Saudi Arabia is considered to be illegal, so you should avoid taking the wine and essence section with you.

Terminal Information – Arriving

When you enter the Jeddah from there you can easily get taxis that will charge almost 60 to 130 riyal for going anywhere in Jeddah, it could be less or more depending on your bargain ability with taxi drivers. Always prefer to set the price before sitting in the taxi. While there are some public buses also available that will take you from the airport to Jeddah, and from Mecca and Medina.

What to expect in Jeddah

Always keep in mind that Jeddah is present at a distance of three hours from London. The currency of Saudi Arab is known as Saudi Riyal. And rules and regulations of Saudi Arabia are very strict as it’s known as a strict Muslim country. It's very important to respect its local culture. And keep in mind its considered to be an offense of law to eat, smoke and drink in public during daytime and especially in the month of Ramadan.

During your stay in Saudi, you have to be very careful about your dressing style, women have to wear loose fitting and conservative clothes, that should be wear along with a wrap and a headscarf. And men are also not allowed to wear revealing clothes, that shouldn’t consist of shorts or t-shirt tops. Actually, the cheapest London to Jeddah flights could be found if you buy a ticket almost 25 days before departure. Actually, this is a trick that could be used to book cheap flights and yes you can also book a flight 2 weeks before departure if you want to take advantage of the cheapest flight.



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