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Steps to Successfully Implement SharePoint
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Microsoft SharePoint is a versatile tool that enables knowledge management and sharing, application development and business intelligence in small and large scale.

Microsoft SharePoint is a versatile tool that enables knowledge management and sharing, application development and business intelligence in small and large scale. SharePoint implementation in an organization will help them manage data and related content in a more synchronized way. SharePoint would be used in bits and parts by many departments in a huge organization. But implementation throughout the organization to engage and unify the content and knowledge platform will require detailed planning, a clear roadmap, and an expert’s guidance.

For SharePoint development and implementation, the following steps should be followed to ensure a smooth change and adoption:

  1.       Executive sponsorship

Any new project is a success only if the sponsorship is strong and influential. It’s the same for SharePoint implementation. When you have management support to your venture, there is a positive outlook amongst the employees. Because if the management supports a project, then it is set to be profitable and significant. This enables the employees to adopt the new project and shows enthusiasm in receiving training on how to use the new tool.

Moreover, the executive will become a brand ambassador, whom the employees trust, which will lead to them trusting the outcome of the implementation.

  1.       Set goals and vision

SharePoint can be used for documentation, social collaboration, knowledge sharing, custom tool development etc. In other words, SharePoint is a complete solution to various business needs in terms of communication and application development. Owing to the versatility of the platform, it is necessary to set clear goals and vision for the future.

The goals should help the user understand what the organization is aiming for after the implementation. The sponsors can also present their vision for SharePoint implementation. Once these goals are set, it will be a guiding path when adopting the SharePoint and using it on a daily basis.

  1.       Create a skilled team

Any project’s success depends on the people that work on it. It is crucial to rope in the right people to efficiently complete a project. The team should consist of developers, experts, special-skills experts, and support personnel, who will provide technical support after the implementation.

  1.       Define service operations, standards, and policies

Know your service models and define the service operations to create a self-adapting SharePoint environment. Define end-user and organizational standards and policies. This will help the user ease into using the SharePoint and create a secured working.

  1.       Discover information architecture

Information architecture is the backbone of a compliant SharePoint environment. Clear analysis should be performed to match the content the organization creates and where the content will be hosted. People with special skills should be recruited to assist the process.

  1.       Make sure that configuration management exists

To ease the change and enable adoption of newly developed applications in SharePoint, configuration management factors are very much needed.

  1.       Enable user adoption of SharePoint

After implementing SharePoint, enable users to use the applications and collaborate to increase user productivity. Include leadership when motivating and spreading the word.

SharePoint implementation at an organizational level is a big step for anyone; because the process of implementation and adoption thereafter will involve the users accepting the change and using SharePoint in various aspects of their daily activities. Following the above steps can help you create a future-proof implementation plan and execute it promptly.

There are many SharePoint development companies that will help you implement and develop the customized tools in SharePoint. Choose a business partner who will provide a complete solution from conceptualization to technical support. Moreover, any implementation should be customized to suit the needs of an organization. Call Paragyte (contact info) to talk to an expert on SharePoint implementation. We can help you set the right path for your implementation.


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