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Fiberscope.NET supplies a wide range of industrial inspection devices, including borescopes and videoscopes for industries to extend their service life with a minimal downtime.

29, January 2018: In different industries, a wide variety of machines and equipments are used for different industrial purposes. These machines are often installed in challenging environments and may face different types of technical issues because of their continuous running and which may affect the operation and the productivity of an industry. To address these issues, Fiberscope.NET supplies a wide range of industrial inspection devices that can be used to monitor the functioning of the industrial machines to avoid any downtime.

The company has an array of devices and accessories, such as the videoscope system, which can be used for the day-to-day visual inspections of high-end industrial machines. According to the spokesperson of the company, these devices come with advanced features and easy to use for industries to monitor their industrial operations. These portable devices are designed for multiple applications in different industries, such as aviation, gas & oil exploration, automotive, food processing and others. The videoscope system provides high quality and bright images with powerful zooms for the complete idea of an inspection area.

The spokesperson reveals that Fiberscope.NET has professional quality devices in its portfolio that can meet the requirements of the challenging working environments to ensure smoothness and flawlessness of industrial operations. These devices can save time, money and energy of companies and can also avoid sudden downtimes, which can delay the project. The spokesperson maintains that they supply equipments with extra ruggedness that are perfect for working under tough conditions, such as underwater, in bore wells and others.

The company specializes in the fiberscope systems that are designed for the remote visual inspection of an area. With a fiber optic bundle and a powerful lens, the system is capable of exploring areas that are inaccessible. These systems come fitted with probes of different lengths and diameters and functionalities to reach an inspection area with extra man maneuverability. These robust fiberscopes can bend around corners and can penetrate deeper for a complete visual inspection of an area.

One can learn more about the different devices the company supplies and their features by visiting the website http://www.fiberscope.net/.

About Fiberscope.NET

Fiberscope.NET is based in North America, and is a division of MEDIT Inc. The company is fast becoming one of the largest online suppliers of industrial inspection devices with annual growth averaging 20%. They serve a global market, with clients in over 38 countries and a growing network of international resellers, providing rigid and flexible borescopes, videoscopes, as well as a full line of accessories.

For Media Contact:
Company: Fiberscope.NET
Phone: 1 877 613 22 10
Email: terry@meditinc.com
Website: http://www.fiberscope.net/


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