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Online dating sites first came onto the scene over two decades ago. Since then, they have become an established feature of the modern dating paradigm.


Online dating sites first came onto the scene over two decades ago. Since then, they have become an established feature of the modern dating paradigm. However, in the last five years, dating apps have burst onto the scene challenging the dominance of dating sites. In less than one-quarter of the time that it took dating sites to become popular and well-established, dating apps have reached the same heights. This prompts the question, are dating apps replacing dating sites? The answer to that question affects a large number of people. That is because millions of people around the world are active members of dating sites. If apps soon supplant the sites, some users may feel that their favorite dating site may go extinct.



Like everything else in life, the internet is dynamic and constantly evolving. By virtue of that, so too is the online dating industry. With advances in internet speed and smartphone technology, a large number of people are changing their internet browsing habits. Just in the last five years alone, the search giant, Google, has indicated that the majority of searches now originate from a mobile device. This vast and fast movement into mobile is what has fueled the exponential growth of dating apps.


You must also take into account the fact that even though dating is for everybody — young and old — it cannot be denied that the majority of those dating at any given time will be composed of people under the age of 30. Since this happens to be the same age demographic that is more prone to adopt the latest in technology, it is no surprise that the up-and-coming dating generations of today and tomorrow are going to be conducting their online dating through a smartphone and not a desktop.


This does not mean that popular dating platforms that have a desktop version today are going to disappear tomorrow. If anything, you will notice that the most popular dating sites are modernizing their desktop platforms and adding native mobile apps. In other words, they are taking an approach in which mobile compliments desktop.


While the days of desktop-only dating sites are numbered, as long as a dating sites supplement their presence with a mobile app, the online dating brands of today are certain to continue for years to come.


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