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PinYa Media is one of the leading media companies for classical music in China and Shizhe Shen has recently been nominated as the artistic director of this renowned media company.

Born in 1994, Shizhe Shen is one of the most promising pianists of her generation and her recent nomination as the artistic director of PinYa Media is one of her significant achievements that she should feel proud of. She started her journey in the world of music when she was just 6 years old and since then she has been unstoppable in her quest to be recognized as the most versatile pianist of the present times.

PinYa Media

Throughout her career as a pianist, Shizhe Shen has been the part of many prestigious music festivals in China and the worldwide where she enthralled everyone with her unparalleled piano playing talent. She has received many enthusiastic reviews. “Shizhe is outstandingly gifted, has a very strong technique and plays with great temperament and musicality. She is extremely dedicated and has a flare and communication in public performance. She really plays with a voice of her own, she is a real exciting pianist”, states one of her fans who is an ardent music and piano enthusiast.

Shizhe Shen

As a very well known Chinese pianist, she has played in many prestigious concerts around the world and has been praised as “a gift from China to the music world”. She has been invited to be the artist guest in many Chinese TV shows. Although she is so young, she has already a big fan club in China. Because of her sheer talent, she deserves to be nominated as the artistic director of one of China’s biggest media companies.

Besides her passion and dedication towards music, Shizhe Shen is also very kind hearted and contributes to charity works on a regular basis. Inspired from her philanthropist works, a charity music room after her name has recently been launched in China. She is also being invited to deliver master classes for students and budding pianists to learn the master skills of playing piano.

About Shizhe Shen

Shizhe Shen is a Chinese pianist who has won many accolades for her playing piano talent and has performed in many prestigious events worldwide. Shizhe Shen is now Artist in Residence and artist director at PinYa Media, which is now considered as one of the most important media companies for classical music in China.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Shizhe Shen
Company: Shizhe Shen


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