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E-studybuddy - GCSE Mathmatics revision section of Revision Maths, where we provide free maths revision resources to help you with your GCSE maths exams.

GCSE Mathmatics Revision


Have you heard this bad math joke? Teach: "Who of you knows what 7 x 6 is"? Student: "I know, 42"! Teach: "That's correct, very good - now who can tell me what 6 x 7 is"?, Same Student: "I know, its 24!". If you don't want to end up being one of the participants in a bad math's joke, get GSCE math help if you need it.

Did you know that during the past 20 years girls have been beating boys in the UK in terms of GCSE mathematicsexams? But apparently this is all set to change as a move to drop coursework starts taking effect. This has already happened in some areas and in one year, boys have managed to leapfrog their female GCSE counterparts. GCSE Mathmatics Revision

Apparently by next year all coursework will be scrapped, and girls you are going to have to look out, because in the past this was your one dividing strong point. Because of this action we are already seeing record breaking results according to the Guardian, and fewer girls than in the past decade are getting less of the top marks. This change may be the reason why you need GCSE mathematics help, girls. GCSE Mathmatics Revision

Controlled assessment will be replacing coursework and as girls prefer to work consistently while boys like to cram before and exam they are doing better. Controlled assessment is an extended task performed in and exam-like setting. The reason for coursework being removed was because concerns of plagiarism have risen their ugly heads and this is said that a significant impact will be made on the education gender gap which will may even put girls at a disadvantage.

This year is the first time since 1997 that boys are doing better at GCSEmathematicsthan girls. The speculation is that this is definitely attributable to the removal of coursework from exam results. The soft skills required by coursework, such as sticking to deadlines and planning is better managed by girls and this has also given them the advantage in terms of marks, because marks were given for soft skills. More information:-https://www.e-studybuddy.com/examinations/


Mathematics help is widely available online today, much like any other extra subject material. You will need a course that can help you with sixth form homework and revision in the form of easily understood articles and tutorials. These have to cover any math's related problems you may come up against, and hopefully this will help you get back on top of the math's heap again.

Not that we are saying that girls need more help than boys, there must be plenty of boys out there who still need GCSE math's help.

The tutorials should cover small sections at a time and be particular to a certain mathematics based problem. This is so that if you should become unstuck with a problem, you will easily be able to refer back to it for help.

GCSE Mathmatics Revision






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