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Never say never - never lose hope. You never know when a liver donor will be found and be a blessing for your family member suffering from end stage liver disease.

Allograft quite simply put means replacing a diseased  liver with a healthy one from a donor. It’s a complex procedure which requires precision and meticulous, systematic steps and impeccable care of the donor organ. TNo wonder then, the liver transplant surgeon should have a proven record, aand affiliated to well-known hospitals which are avant garde in terms of technology.

There are 3 types of liver transplant :

1.Paediatric transplant
2.Liver donor transplant
3.Cadaveric transplant

Paediatric transplant

In children, due to their smaller abdominal cavity, there is only space for a partial segment of liver, usually the left lobe of the donor's liver. This is also known as a "split" liver transplant. Due to this in children living liver donor transplantation is widely accepted.

As the parents can donate liver to their children or infants there are lots of advantages such as :

1.Children can easily get the piece of liver without waiting for a suitable donor.
2.There are least chances of graft rejection
3.And having a parent as a donor makes it easier for children as both patient and donor are in the same hospital and they can boost each other morale.

Paediatric transplant has been a boon for many children who otherwise die waiting for a suitable donor.

Liver donor transplant

Why is liver transplant from a donor the most preferred surgical option for patients with end stage liver disease, mostly cirrhosis or hepatocellular carcinoma caused due to longterm alcoho abuse or untreated hepatitis C or B infection?  The concept of liver donor transplantation is based on :

(1)Regenerative capacities of the human liver
(2)Shortage of cadaveric livers

But along with the advantages there are few complications for donor too.
Liver donor surgery is done at specialised centres and by specialised liver transplant surgeon.
All potential donors should know the following risks:

  • There is 0.5 – 1% chances of death
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Painful incision
  • Possibility of blood clot
  • And prolonged recovery

But usually the vast majority of donors enjoy complete and full recovery within 2-3 months.

Cadaveric transplant

Cadaver liver transplant is a procedure of liver transplant in which liver is removed from a brain-dead person with the consent from his family members. Nowadays finding a cadaveric liver or a living liver donor both can be difficult. Usually you have to wait for both. But most of the time living liver donor is easy to find than a cadaveric liver.
In most of the cases living liver donor transplantation is more beneficial than cadaveric transplantation.

(1)Transplant can be done on an elective basis because the donor is readily available
(2)There are fewer possibilities for complications and death than there would be while waiting for a cadaveric organ donor.

But ultimately both have its own advantages and disadvantages.

Ultimately liver transplant is a boon for end stage liver diseases. But many a times Biliary tract complications after liver transplantation are very common, and the evaluation of newer treatment options compared with standard surgical treatment is important which is treated by a specialised hepatobiliary surgeon.


Liver transplantation is the only treatment modality for patients having acute or chronic liver failure. A patient suffering from liver failure cannot be sustained for long, unlike someone with kidney failure who can depend on dialysis. 80 to 90% of people survive liver transplantation and enjoy good quality life subsequently. It is a boon for human race.


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