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Olive oil makes an excellent low cholesterol cooking oil. It should be used both as a cooking oil and as an addition to your food in different ways for its positive effects on cholesterol and blood pressure.

Extra virgin olive oil contains a higher concentration of monounsaturated fatty acids compared to any other type of fats. These fats help in increasing good cholesterol and in reducing bad cholesterol in the body. This is what makes olive oil an excellent low cholesterol cooking oil. The consumption of olive oil and its use as cooking oil are both beneficial in helping you fight the harmful effects of bad cholesterol.

How is Olive Oil Better than Other Oils

Monounsaturated fats help in lowering bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) and in increasing good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) levels in the body. On the other hand, the consumption of foods containing saturated fats causes an increase in LDL cholesterol. This is why it is always recommended to consume foods like meat and dairy products in moderation.

Besides using olive oil for cooking, it is recommended to use the best olive oil available in India to dress salads. It is considered far better and healthier compared to other vegetable oils and most of the other cooking oils. You should avoid all kinds of oils that contain high levels of saturated fats which could be damaging to your health.

Studies Showing Positive Effects of Olive Oil

Usually, high cholesterol levels in the body have been linked to consumption of excess amounts of fat. Still, consuming too much of olive oil is going to be beneficial for your health. This is because olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids that help in eliminating LDL cholesterol which is considered bad. According to studies involving different groups that consumed butter- and olive oil-based diet, the body eliminated cholesterol in the latter group. Subsequent tests concluded that olive oil helped the subjects in lowering their LDL levels.

Improved Blood Sugar Levels

There are numerous studies that link lowered level of cholesterol with improved blood sugar in those who take Mediterranean diet with olive oil. The lower levels of cholesterol and blood glucose are considered to be the reason why people who consume this diet have lower risks of cardiovascular disease. Scientists have recommended the use of extra virgin olive oil in india to gain the most benefits of this natural oil. It is also suggested to stick to a balanced diet regime to ensure that you achieve the best results.

Studies involving elderly patients with high blood pressure have also shown positive effects of olive oil. In one such study, two groups were given extra-virgin olive oil and sunflower oil. Within a month, the first groups experienced reduced blood pressure compared to the second group. Most of the studies indicate that the oil should be taken as a way for preventing and reducing high blood pressure and not just as a treatment for the condition.

Thus, there are many reasons for including olive oil into your diet. You can use it both for cooking and for addition to your food in different ways. Make sure to choose only the best olive oil in India. Scientists recommend the addition of extra virgin olive oil to get the best benefits from this oil.



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