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Node.js or Java – Which should you choose for your next project?
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Back in 1995 when Java was launched, no-one would have imagined it would more than 2 decades for the tech-world to come up with a framework that can give it some real competition.

Back in 1995 when Java was launched, no-one would have imagined it would more than 2 decades for the tech-world to come up with a framework that can give it some real competition. In the recent years, Node.js has emerged as a shiny new toy with developers across the world turning their heads with its speed. However, it has still not been able to shake the trust that Java built over the years, thanks to its stability, rich feature set, and solid foundation.

So when it comes to building modern applications, which should you go with – Java or Node.js?

Why you should pick Java and why you should avoid it

Java has a rock-solid foundation and the world largest ecosystem of libraries and tools. Some of the largest organizations in the world still use Java for their critical projects owing to its dependability, command over multi-threading, remote debugging capabilities, and strong mathematical foundation. Plus, there’s a huge array of IDEs available for Java development which make working with the language super easy. And you simply cannot argue with the significance and power of the JVM.

But something that has a strong foundation is bound to lag behind when it comes to agility. When it comes to browser based projects and web applications, Java isn’t the preferred choice since it takes time to build. Simple tasks like achieving the returning of data in JSON needs a lot of coding. Database querying too cannot be done without the help of SQL. So applications that have a smaller infrastructure would do better with lighter, more agile languages and frameworks.

Why you should pick Node.js and why you should avoid it

Node.js has proved to the world that it has a winning streak as far as performance and speed is concerned. Without really making changes to your core application, you can use Node.js to reach your performance targets with ease. It is a perfect fit for browser based small projects, is extremely simple to build, easy to write queries in, has inbuilt JSON support, and can be used to built both back-ends as well as front-ends. Node.js development is definitely here to stay.

While all that is true, Node.js isn’t the ideal choice when it comes to large scale projects that involve threads. Node.js doesn’t handle threads as well as Java does and that is one of weakest points of the framework. Moreover, the pool of libraries that are available in Java doesn’t compare to the virtually non-existent one in Node.js. Java experts and supporters of the language blatantly state that Java can do everything Node.js can, but Node.js can’t do everything that Java can.


The debate can go on with advocates of each language making a strong case for it, but the final decision comes down to this fact – it depends on the nature of the project. There is no size that fits all; similarly, there is no single language that can solve all purposes. Both have their own pros and cons so instead of being rigid about technology, organizations should focus on what they’re trying to achieve and how their project can best be completed. Only then can the choice of the right technology for the purpose can be made.

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