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The A1D London Ltd is a company which has blazed the trail when it comes to CD replication and duplication. The issue with this kind of business is that trust and discretion is very important as well as the speed of delivery. When companies and individuals want quality work done for them with replication of CD as well as duplication of data this company has made a name for themselves. Discretion is important because in many instances intellectual property issues can easily arise and companies can get sued by clients.

Who can effectively do this job?

Over the years this company has kept a track record with clients and ensured that intellectual property has not become an issue. This company has experience and has worked for giants in the world of business. Coca-Cola, Sony, Sky and National Geographic are some of the biggest clients that this company has worked for. The track record of this company speaks for itself and the record has been overwhelming.

Client’s reviews

The reviews from clients over the years have been encouraging and it has shown the quality of the work which this company does cannot be toyed with. During the replication and duplication of CDs the quality of work done by the quality control unit of the company ensures that the quality of the work which the company doles out is always of the highest standard.

Different offers

There are many different offers which the company has available for their numerous clients. This is all in a bid to ensure that the company gives true value for money which is being paid by the clients. Some of the packages which are available for clients to pick and choose from include:

1. Converting VHS, MiniDV and other old forms of media to DVD and CDs. This offer is available for only about 5 Pounds and for this amount a quality job will be done.

2. 100 CDs printed fully for 100 pounds. The sweetness of this deal being that the work is delivered to any UK address which the client makes available to the company at no cost to the client.

3. 1000 CDs can also be printed in black and white for 400 pounds. This is also a sweet deal which many of our big clients like to take advantage of every time.

The company has many of these kinds of deals and clients are at liberty to look through and decide on which one they would like to have with reference to whatever suits their business deals and models. The company is in to many other areas of sound and music production also such as mastering and re- mastering of beats and albums.

This kind of work is done for big companies and even governments around the world or their agencies. To make this work the company has the equipment and ability to turn data in any kind of old form e.g. cassette, vinyl tapes, turn table CDs etc. into modern CDs and DVDs.

Author the Bio

Some of the packages which are available for clients to pick and choose from include A1D London Ltd can also offer graphic design and prepress services to ensure your products look fantastic once finished.Try Our Cheap CD Duplication and Replication Services in London, UK.


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At A1D we focus on providing the highest standard CD duplication services in the UK. We can also offer graphic design and prepress services to ensure your products look fantastic once finished.
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