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While the old adage, don't judge a book by its cover, remains timeless advice, no where is it less applicable than in real estate. Nothing has stronger impact on buyers than the initial impression of a home's appearance, also known as curb appeal. With more than 80 percent of buyers viewing homes for sale online before visiting, creating an attractive looking home is more important than ever.

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How to go about creating curb appeal is open to a variety of interpretations. Just about any real estate website will have its own definition of curb appeal. However, much depends on the home's location, the local real estate market and, of course, the unique qualities of the home itself. Curb appeal is beyond just a tidy appearance. It is something special about a home that inspires or impresses before even entering the home.


There are a number of professional services available to help a seller improve a home's curb appeal. However, before spending thousands to paint, landscape, and add special lighting, an owner should first consider their first impressions of their home when they bought it. What stood out about the residence? Consider asking a neighbor, friend or real estate agent for their thoughts about the home's most appealing features.


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Don't let the broad nature of what goes into curb appeal become overwhelming. There are some basic features that should be evaluated and enhanced for all homes for sale. For example, the grass should be cut and dead spots should be reseeded or plugged. The lawns should be edged, trimmed and weeded. Hedges should be trimmed. Fresh mulch is a must and it's always a good idea to have some blooming flowers either in beds or in planters. Flowers are also useful tools for drawing attention to a particular point of view or feature.


The home's exterior and windows should be clean. If paint is worn, cracked or out-of-synch with others in the neighborhood, the home should be repainted. Often, instead of repainting the exterior, repainting the trim is sufficient. The mailbox should be clean and freshly painted, or new. Gutters, awnings, walkways and driveways should be stain free.

There are lots of things to consider when searching for a property for sale. With the real estate market taking a dump in the past few years, we have seen a drastic turnaround in the real estate industry over the past year. More and more people are looking to buy more real estate for their own personal use, but mostly, others merely want some solid investment where they can put their money.


With all the real estate property for sale in the market today, it can be quite confusing and daunting to just look for one. Sometimes, if not most of the time, you will not be able to browse through all of them to find the best deal. Scanning a few pages of an advertising magazine will take most of your time, and there are hundreds worth of properties to look at still. Most importantly, finding a reputable seller will be difficult. Visiting your choice picks will not guarantee your meeting the owner of the property because most of them are sold through real estate brokers.


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