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Cigarettes and Cigars both contain tobacco. However the huge contrast is that in a cigar the tobacco is wrapped in the leaf of tobacco whereas cigarettes contain tobacco wrapped in paper, or another material that does not contain tobacco.

Cigarette Smoking

Cigarettes are easy to smoke. They are held by the lips while a fire is brought close to the end. A solitary puff is normally enough to completely light a cigarette. The smoke is breathed in when smoking a cigarette and nicotine is transferred to the lungs from where it is ingested into the circulation system.

Cigar Smoking

The big contrast is that when smoking a cigar, the smoke isn't breathed in. Not at all like tobacco smoke, you should relish the essence of cigar smoke just in your mouth and not take it into your lungs. A cigar is typically thicker and larger as compared to cigarettes and lasts longer when smoked. Both are terrible for your wellbeing and can cause throat or cancer of lungs.

Social Differences between Cigarette smoking and Cigar smoking

Cigar smoking is regularly seen as more modern than cigarette smoking. Cigars are better known in the US than whatever is left of the world. They are essentially more famous with men than ladies. They are regularly incorporated into caricatures of the rich and of private enterprise and are smoked to commend exceptional events, for example, the introduction of a youngster. They are viewed as manly, capable items. Cigarette smoking is disliked and considered less modern than cigar. Society additionally tends to concentrate more on the wellbeing dangers of cigarette smoking than cigars smoking since cigarettes are more prominent. It is illicit to smoke the two cigars and cigarettes in office structures and open spots like eateries or retail locations in many states.

Wellbeing Risks of Cigarette smoking and Cigar smoking

Cigars are a critical wellbeing hazard and even the best cigar for beginners is hazardous. They contain more tumor causing substances than cigarettes and more tar. Some contend that cigars smoke is to a lesser extent a hazard for lung malignancy, as the smoke isn't breathed in into the lungs. Cigars are as yet a noteworthy hazard for growth, including mouth and throat malignancy, with the hazard increased for individuals who breathe in additional, smoke increasingly or smoke them longer. Be that as it may, the wellbeing dangers for the individuals who smoke not as much as every day are obscure.


Both the cigarettes and cigars likewise display a latent smoking wellbeing danger to non-smokers who might be in the region of smokers.

Bottom Line

The difference between cigarette and cigar smoking is that cigars are in reality more terrible for you than cigarettes much of the time. Above all else, ingredients of cigars are in such bigger amounts that numerous cigars smokers don't understand the effect. For instance, it could take 15 to 20 cigarettes to square with a similar measure of tobacco in one substantial cigar. Along these lines, normal cigar smokers frequently don't understand that their propensity could be what might as well be called smoking a pack a day or more.


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