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Veeam Backup to Cloud Offers the Most Seamless Disaster Recovery Solutions
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This means your critical business teams can work on the core aspect of your business and not spend time on something that can be easily managed by the cloud solution.

Let’s get this straight – no business would want to get into building, managing and updating a secondary site as a backup solution when you have extremely seamless and instantly manageable alternatives available to you. Veeam offsite backup or veeam offsite replication is one such alternative that offers businesses one of the best available solutions data loss or any technology related disastrous circumstances.


Let’s talk about the underlining benefits that you may leverage while using veeam replication to cloud.


Leveraging Veeam Replication to Cloud


A. Cost Effective Solution


It is indeed a cost effective solution because you don’t have to make an investment on a software and then invest further in its maintenance and management. This solution helps you to pay as you go as per the services you make use of utilizing the service provider’s hardware.


B. No Compromise on Control


You are the ultimate controller of your data and thus you don’t have to fret about risking your critical business data to any entity. Your data gets safely secured and stored using AED 256 bit encryption, which is exactly what you need.


C. Lower Onsite Infrastructure


This means your critical business teams can work on the core aspect of your business and not spend time on something that can be easily managed by the cloud solution. This reduces the strain off your on premises team and makes them invest their time on mission critical operations while you know your systems and data are secured.


D. Smart v/s hard work


Recreating systems manually and investing time on processes and configurations that won’t ensure security is a task that you don’t want to get involved in. This is understandable. You have built a business empire to run successful projects rather than investing time on user interfaces and manual configurations. This is where Veeam offsite replication steps in and helps you with instant and easy replication of your site and data without your operations being interrupted.


How Cloud based Veeam Disaster Recovery Helps Businesses


Veeam’s purpose built disaster recovery solution is one of the easiest solutions to install and maintain while you host standby VMs (Virtual Machines). Let’s see some of the highlighting features of Veeam disaster recovering solution:

A. It offers zero data loss along with minimal disruption and disturbance to the operations of the business. This way it maintains a streamlined failback.

B. It can be seamlessly integrated with the workflows, data collection and UIs of Veeam.

C. It offers flexible and fast failover on the entire site as well as specified servers and virtual machines as per the business dynamics.

D. It offers recovery assurance, which is a features business seek. This also involves replica support and production between the sites.

E. It is applicable on any environment and can be leveraged for easy to use features and maximum control over systems with added protection and safety to your critical data.

F. There is no additional layer as far as complexity management is concerned.


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Support existing workloads with Veeam Backup to Cloud, a hybrid cloud Infrastructure as a Service platform built by Vpls.com.


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