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Funeral Homes Albertais not as expensive as You Think It Is
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Many are claiming that funerals are considered distress purchase. This is why the government came up with the idea to inform people of what they need to know when it comes to funeral services.

The first thing that comes into the minds of the people when they start talking about death is that it will be too expensive. But the thing that they may have forgotten is that death is certain and, therefore, must be planned. You can’t just simply say that you won’t be needing the funeral plans and services as of the moment simply because it is not your priority.Edmonton Funeral Homes should be planned ahead of time since funeral planning is basically just the same as family planning. It’s like having a family without family planning. Imagine you died leaving your loved ones no means on how to go about your funeral expenses. It’s like sending your child to school without any money for paying the tuition fee.

Funerals are Not Expensive

The truth of the matter is that funeral does not have to be expensive. It doesn’t even have to reach over $10,000. You can have the cheapest cremation with the cheapest urn. Or you can only allow a three-day wake and it won’t have to go further than that. The price varies on the name of the funeral and whether it is known for its services or not. Some funerals costs over $10,000 and there are those that cost around $7,000 for the exact same services offered by the former. And you won’t even realize the disparity of the price until the wake was over and the burial already happened.

Distress Purchase

Many are claiming that funerals are considered distress purchase. This is why the government came up with the idea to inform people of what they need to know when it comes to funeral services. The funeral home must provide a quotation with its price and services indicated. They have to provide printed and menu of prices even before you talk about future arrangements. You should not be compelled to purchase a whole funeral service package but rather, you should be allowed to choose the services you want per item. The funerals are also required to allow you to purchase caskets from other establishments and they must not inform you a charging fee. And lastly, funerals are required to let you know about any laws pertaining to your rights when it comes to funeral services so that you can make smart and well-deliberated decisions.

What the Law Prohibits that Funeral Homes Must Not Impose

There are several funeral homes that will require you to buy this and that. And many have become victims of that scam. Therefore, it is important that you must know that embalming is not required for all deaths, you are not required to have a casket on burials, and there is no imposition on what the casket should be made of. By knowing these things, you are one step ahead of the others and you won’t find yourself being fooled by other funeral services out there who are all for profit.

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The dead room should give a quotation with its worth and services indicated. they need to supply written and menu of costs even before you say future arrangements.




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