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At a time when government is making all out efforts for clean India mission.

At a time when government is making all out efforts for clean India mission, we as citizens of the country. Unclean surrounding and polluted environment is the cause of several diseases. Clean and sanitized atmosphere and surroundings is not only the responsibility of the government, but everyone among us.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or Clean India Mission is the key movement started by the government to make India, clean and hygienic. However, the success of the same depends on the fact, as to how rigorously join this movement and play their part in making the country clean.

Waste Management - a key aspect of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Waste Management System is the key part of Government’s Clean India Mission. Yes, we can clean our houses, streets and surroundings, but what about dumping process and management of the same. It is as vital as any other activity associated with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

At now, there is no proper arrangement of Waste management. Neither the government nor the local Municipal Corporation Department has taken major steps to enhance the process of Solid Waste Management System.

How to make Waste Management Smart

Now, what does the term smart mean here. Well, it means the waste management should be highly efficient and prompt. It indicates no sluggishness in collecting the garbage from bins all across the urban and rural areas. Dumping, collecting and transporting the waste should be highly efficient, fast, and smart.

Convexicon- the leading software development company providing vital support to the local Municipal authorities to enhance the life of the citizens by making certain the timely pick up of the garbage bins. It also helps the authorities in making their city a better place to live. It offers IOT based Smart solid waste management to make the management of waste smart and efficient for the cities and towns.

Waste Management through Vehicle Tracking and System

The Convexicon provides highly advanced Vehicle tracking system to support and enhance the waste management process. Through this tracking system, you can monitor all the vehicles involved in waste collection and dumping. You get the choice to allocate different wards to the vehicles and accordingly monitor whether or not the vehicles are doing the jobs in their respective wards. This tracking system also provides the exact position, movement, and stoppage of the vehicles on job.

Route Information and History

With the Smart Solid waste management system active, you get all the data about routes being followed by the vehicles, out for waste collection. It not only saves the fuel for the entity involved in the waste management, but also prevents the unauthorized usage of vehicles on job.

With all the history of the vehicle on job available, you may check the route history, ward history, performance history, etc. of all the vehicles involved in waste collection. Thus, you get great efficiency and mechanism in the Waste Management. So, choose the Smart Solid waste management system of Convexicon to make the Clean India Mission actually smart. Get our more details please visit on our website at http://www.convexiconindia.com


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