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Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd for nearly 12 years has been focusing on promoting a near endless range of automation products that are used in several industries.

13, November 2017: It will not be an exaggeration to state that the entire world as it’s exists in the 21st century would have come to a standstill had there been no automation components and parts. Nobody would have been able to drive a car, operate a machine, big or small or work on a computer in the absence of automation control systems and products. Now what are these automation products that have already proved their indispensability and in an overwhelming manner. Well, one just needs to delve a little deeper inside any sophisticated electronic or electrical gadget irrespective of whether the same is big or small. If an individual cares to probe a tad profoundly, he or she’ll spot the odd control device like a temperature sensor, timer, servo drive, servo motor, actuator, and contactor-the list is endless. Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd Ltd is a Shenzhen based distributor and supplier of a gamut of automation products, including Allen-Bradley PLC.

Talking about an Allen-Bradley PLC or just any standard programmable logic controller, what function or functions is this automation component intended to serve? In the context of Allen Bradley programmable controllers, these define the standard-starting from the first PLC that evolved in the 70s to the technologically superior, information-laden, highly scalable, and multidisciplinary programmable automation controllers. The larger PLCs will serve any customized and even the most challenging application requirements. These have a modular architecture and are capable of performing a wide range of I/O as well as network functions. These are potent control systems that provide quality process control to thorough safety to mobility. Then there are small PLCs, micro and nano PLCs for mid-range t to most elementary and basic control requirements.

As far as a Mitsubishi servo motor is concerned, it finds industry-wide applications mainly owing to its responsiveness and precise positioning capability. The servo motor from Mitsubishi is available with pulse-train input for internal speed monitoring and positioning. At the same time, it comes handy for accomplishing speed and torque with regards to analog input. The amplifier that is embedded in the motor is reinforced with the OEM’s well-known vibration suppression capabilities and auto-tuning functionality. Significantly enough, installing and operating the servo motor is incredibly easy, thanks to its compatibility with the Windows-based software MR-Configurator. The servo motors can operate in various control modes including internal, position, and speed control mechanisms.

Sunda Tech Ltd also supplies Mitsubishi servo drive to its clients based not only in China but also all over the world. The company stocks high performance servo spindle drives, multi-hybrid drives, and many other kinds of servo drives from the Mitsubishi stable. The spindle/servo drive boasts of perhaps the fastest current control cycle which enhances the primary performance. With a combo of high-speed servo motor and pinpoint precision detector, overall drive performance is greatly heightened.

About Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd

Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd has been in the business of marketing and selling an array of automation products for over 10 years. For more details, please visit their online portal.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Gilbert
Company: Sunda Tech (HK) Ltd
Phone: 13750014627
Email: info@automation-part.com
Website: www.automation-part.com


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