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Funny jokes service in UK Our phone pranks are just what you need! Dial our hotline and listen in while we give your victim a surprise call they won't forget in a hurry.

Joke Lines Service

The latest buzz words are "premium rate lines". You have heard them being talked about a bit too often but are not sure of what they actually mean, right? The bottom line is that they can mean big money. Yes, premium rate lines can be the simplest way to make large amounts of money.

A premium rate line is one that is charged to the caller over and above the normal rate for a telephone call. This extra charge appears in the phone bill and is shared proportionally between the Service Provider, the Information Provider and the Network Operator. There are various types of premium rate services available and those clients offering such services are known as Information Providers.

Running premium rate lines has become an extremely lucrative business opportunity for individuals as well as businesses. It's too simple to be true! Just sign up to become an information provider and you have the potential to earn huge amounts of money. The investment to be made by you is nominal compared to the returns you could gain from premium rate lines. Joke Lines Service

Any special knowledge, information regarded as trivia or general knowledge can now be used to bring in money. You can become an Information Provider with your own premium rate number. Just give people the information they need (which is why they dialed your premium rate phone number in the first place) and increase your bank bala More Information:-http://www.jokerline.uk/

Once you sign up as an information provider you can indicate exactly what kind of premium rate line you would like to operate. For example, if you have a good idea about horse-racing and can provide tips beneficial to betters, only such calls will be directed to your premium rate lines   Joke Lines Service

If you specialize in Tarot you can provide this as a premium service. The premium rate call company shall divert calls wanting Tarot predictions as premium services to your own premium rate lines, which in turn diverts to your own landlines.

Another interesting way to make big money is to avail the Recorded Information Service. You can sign up and send in a tape of information on any topic that you know most about. It can be sports, business news, competitions or anything else and the company will play it on caller requests. You get a share of the money paid by the premium rate line callers. So, you work a little but earn much much more.

There are many more ways in which you become a part of the premium rate services industry and make a lot of money. Companies can provide virtual chat, horse-tipping and joke lines services to name a few - you can even operate your own Live 121 service!

One example of the possibility of earnings is that of a person offering Live 121 as a premium rate service. The earnings can average about $300 a day which would make an average of over $9000 in a month...food for thought?!

Joke Lines Service






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