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We are the only Australian company that offers both long and short-term rental on our entire range of Medical Refrigerators. Controlled Temperature. Commercial Refrigeration

Controlled Temperature



One of the main factors in health care institutes and hospitals is the monitoring and logging of moisture and temperature. This factor holds a greater importance in those labs which store tissue and blood samples along with the medicines which are required to be stored under controlled temperature. Find below certain equipments extremely useful for controlling temperature in the labs.

Wireless temperature monitoring systems

Wireless temperature monitoring systems are extremely easy to program and one can have fully customized operation according to his specific needs. Once the wireless temperature monitoring systems are programmed, it is not require to be reprogrammed unless direly required. This system automatically works by collecting the logs to maintain humidity levels and controlling a critical temperature along with reducing the manual labor in turn minimizing cost as well.  Controlled Temperature


A multimeter can be termed to be an essential tool in the laboratories today owing to the measurement flexibility and accuracy. This device is able to measure the resistance of both current and the AC and DC voltage and hence has often found use in testing the prototype circuits. The different accessories associated with multimeter are temperature sensor probes, transistor testing modules, probe kits and high voltage probes.

Laboratory incubators   Controlled Temperature

A typical laboratory incubator has a see through chamber having an in-built equipment which allows the room to control temperature, ventilation and humidity. Initially, the incubators were used in keeping newly born sick or premature babies and for hatching of poultry eggs. However, with time, the function of incubators has moved to the development of microorganisms. The incubators, help in allowing the rooms to easily manipulate and grow these elements to help in research and development.

LCR meter

An LCR meter which stands for Inductance, Capacitance and Resistance can be said to be a higher version of the multimeters as they cannot measure capacitance. The LCR meters are of two types, one a low cost version which helps in measuring the full impedance of any component and second, the costly version which can measure not only the impedance of all the components but also quality factor and the equivalent series resistance of that component.

However, the accuracy of the low cost version of LCR meter is generally of poor quality with the highest tolerance level of only 20%. Considering that many capacitors have in built tolerance level of 20%, mixing the tolerance of both the meter in use and the component can result in creating addition issues in the procedure of temperature control.  Controlled Temperature

Soldering iron

A resistive block heater is used to heat the tip of a soldering iron which is in turn is often examined by a temperature sensor in order to keep the temperature of the soldering tip stable. There are different forms of soldering iron available in the market; however for controlling the temperature in the labs generally a soldering station is preferred.

Controlled Temperature





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