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Looking for best wedding planners in Los Angeles? One Last Frog is best wedding planner agency in Los Angeles. Call us today at (858) 414-5751.

The day you have dreamed of is coming. Perhaps you envisioned this day since you were a young child, or maybe you never thought about it.Either way, you will need to have a plan and a budget to make your wedding happen. It may seem like fun at first to taste testing different menu options, cakes, choose flowers and font styles for invitations, but the options are so vast it can take months to just schedule these few items on your to-do-list.

Is a Wedding Planner the Right Choice for Us?

Most people do not realize how much time and energy goes into the coordination of all the tiny details. We all know that couple who seemed perfect for each other before the engagement, but then the wedding planning began, and now they cannot agree on anything, are stressed all the time and just no fun to be around anymore. You just may have thought “Why are they even getting married?”!

Wedding planners are artistic and organized negotiatorsby profession. Most stress from pre-wedding planning comes from too many choices and too many friends and family members all wanting a say in your big day. A good wedding planner will listen to ideas and requests from both the bride and groom’s side and blend the wishes with the budget. Remember your wedding planner is not a genie, they cannot make every wish for the day come true, but a little compromise now (just as you will find in marriage) will help.

Wedding Planners for Any Budget

A wedding planner, believe it or not, is not an individual who swoops in, takes over and leaves you and your family out of the loop. (Although, if you want the red-carpet treatment and skies the limit on price, there are wedding planners who can handle the whole event for you).

Many of the wedding planners Los Angeles and around the country are there to help you, and will only be as involved as you need. Perhaps you are just overwhelmed by all the items that need to be handled and need direction as to where to start. You can hire a wedding planner for one task or several, such as to build out a timeline of when each item in the event planning should be handled, so you are not overwhelmed trying to work on every aspect at the same time.

Perhaps you just need to bounce ideas off a professional as to location and venue options you would like, and they can match you to vendors in your budget. Maybe you need someone to call around banquet and wedding halls and find the ones with openings on the day you plan to wed. Believe it or not calling dozens of event spaces and hearing sorry we are booked already will start to break down that happy pre-wedding glee.

One of the biggest advantages of using a wedding planner is getting their event connections and insider pricing. Many planners have negotiated so many weddings at different budget points that they know if you are getting a fair price or being overcharged for everything from your limo rental to five course-dinner choices. Hiring the wedding planner can, in the long run, save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in comparison to their fees.

One Last Frog is really helpful in providing you the best information about Wedding Planners in Los Angeles.


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