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Are you afraid that wearing a wig will be too noticeable?

10, November 2017: Are you afraid that wearing a wig will be too noticeable?

Think again.

In today’s day and age, wig creation has been taken to a masterful level. So much in fact, that you probably pass someone on the street every day (or at least consistently) that wears a wig and you didn’t even know it. All you think is, “Wow! I wish I had beautiful hair like that…”

Take some of your favorite celebs, for example.

Celebrities are a great instance of people who are trying to constantly keep up with society trends or simply to Hollywood's demanding image expectationsand keeping up appearances for their long adoring fans. You may look at them in magazines or online and think even with the advent of Photoshop they are models of perfection, but what you may not realize is sometimes there is another addition to all that makeup, angles, clothing, and so on. Celebrities have consistently fooled the public eye with wigs, whether it be for purely aesthetics, medical necessity, or to cover-up the inevitability of aging.

At Declarative Image, we know custom wig wear. We consider ourselves masters of the art and science, and we do it just so you can feel incredible and strong on the outside and the inside. Yet we also realize that you may need a bit more persuasion on the matter of how amazing you can truly look with a custom wig. That’s why we’ve collected these top 15 celebrities that you never knew wore wigs.

1. Charlie Sheen – There has been photographic proof in recent past of the long time star showing evidence of some baldness and then later showing a full head of hair. It’s hard to tell if his hair loss has been due to aging or medical reasons, but he hasn’t let either stand in his way with the use of wig wear.

2. Robert Pattinson – While you may have loved Patterson’s luscious locks in the Twilight franchise, you probably didn’t know that he wore a wig while filming parts of Breaking Dawn: Part 2. According to Glamour and other celebrity news sources, a custom wig was designed to match his hair since he had shaved his head for his role in Cosmopolis. However, others have also mentioned that Patterson has dealt with thinning and receding hair since his early twenties.

3. Kylie Jenner – In case you thought she was just a master at dying her hair and keeping it healthy, the truth is Jenner actually started wearing wigs to get her natural hair back to good health. If you visit her site TheKylieJenner.com, you’ll get an up-close and personal view of the reality star’s major wig collection.

4. Chuck Norris – So, we admit, this one is of wide speculation across the internet, but it could be entirely possible. The Walker, Texas Ranger has for many years never shown any signs of aging on the top of his head, so is it a wig or just the fact that even Norris’ hair is an unstoppable force?

5. Sherri Sheperd – Reports have talked about how envious Shepard’s co-hosts on The View are of her wig collection, which apparently covers an entire wall. According to her hair stylists, she prefers wigs over dying her natural hair, in order to prevent damage from the number of products and excessive heat it would otherwise have to endure.

6. John Travolta– Although Travolta has aged well, he hasn’t been able to escape a receding hairline and male pattern baldness, and yet who can tell? The actor is known to wear an essentially undetectable lace wig piece.

7. Gwen Stefani– Ever wonder how Stefani maintains her gorgeous bleach-blond look? She is believed to wear extensions or various wigs when her roots need dyed or her hair needs to repair itself.

8. Emilia Clarke – If you have seen Ms. Clarke in any of her other on-screen appearances, such as Me Before You or Drop the Dog, then you know that her long and beautiful locks in Game of Thrones is actually one of the customized wigs she wears on the show.

9. Debra Messing– The Will and Grace star apparently wore wigs after her pregnancy due to hair loss caused by hormonal changes. She’s not the first to have need to do so for the same reason: Angelina Jolie and Kate Hudson have also noted the need, among others.

10. Dame Maggie Smith – Another beloved actress who has worn wigs for roles and for health reasons. In Harry Potter and Downton Abbey she wore wigs to compensate for her real life short hairstyle and hair loss caused by her fight with breast cancer.

11. Dolly Parton – As someone well known for her major up-dos, it may surprise you that Dolly hasn’t mounted her famous locks in hair spray for quite some time. The country singer, actress and philanthropist has worn customized wigs to keep up appearances and recently noted she wears them daily, due to extreme thinning of her hair.

12. Taraji P. Henson– You’ve loved her in her sensational roles like Empire and Hidden Figures, but did you know that Ms. Henson is a regular when it comes to faux hairstyling? Such is usually for portraying her roles and photoshoots, simply to keep up appearances despite loving her natural hair.

13.Charlie Villanueva – This all-American basketball player for the Detroit Pistons has been known to wear wigs due to suffering from Alopecia, an autoimmune disease that results in baldness or hair loss.

14. Keira Knightley – As an A-list actress, Knightley knows the woes of having to consistently dye her hair and the negative effects that can have. Last year she opened up about having to wear wigs previously in order to cover-up the fact that she started to lose her hair. Thankfully after 5 years, her hair grew back in full force during and after her pregnancy.

15. Matthew McConaughey – Alright, alright. Ever notice how in the 90’s, McConaughey started to show signs of balding, and yet now he has a great head of hair? Rumors are that he has previously received a hair transplant or wears a custom wig, particularly since his endorsement for the hair loss product Regenix.

Well, there you have it. As you can see, there is no reason to fear that you won’t look amazing in a customized wig. Declarative Image is guaranteed to help create the perfect custom wigs and hair enhancement solution that will provide you with a new level of confidence and beauty. Contact us today to see how we can truly change your life today!

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