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Looking for best wedding planners in Los Angeles? One Last Frog is top celebrity wedding planner agency in Los Angeles CA. Call us today at (858) 414-5751.

The day has come, you have fallen in love, and it was quick, easy, didn’t even realize it had happened. Just one day you were in love. So happy and relaxed, no stress, everything in life should be this enjoyable.

A professional wedding planner can make the start of your marriage just that easy and joyful.

• To Save Money

It may be hard to believe, but a wedding planner can save you money. Yes, they have a fee, but that fee buys you their negotiating skills, industry and event connections, and historical knowledge of what other people have paid for similar wedding scenarios. These are all crucial for ensuring you are not over-charged.

• To Alleviate Stress

Should we have a band or a DJ? Day or Night ceremony? Indoors or Outdoors? Flowers or candles for centerpieces? In town or in the country?

Planning a wedding, although we imagine cake shopping to be fun, is so stressful. The bride’s family does not like strawberry they will only eat the cake if it is chocolate. The groom’s family is good old simple vanilla fans. Seems like a silly squabble but that is the beginning of all the little compromises and aggravating fights that will ensue at each step of the planning process.

The wedding planner will listen to all sides of the wedding party involved and be able to come up with unique compromises and alternatives to choose from. Having a wedding planner narrow down options to a range of two or three items is a much more tolerable level of choices. A wedding planner will also only bring you options that are within your budget.

• To Save Time

If you live in the Santa Monica area, you know there are so many venues to choose from for a wedding day location. You have picked a date and decide to start calling every one of the wedding halls and banquet facilities just to be told that date is already booked. You can spend days calling and leaving messages, waiting for that return call, just to hear “Sorry we are booked.”

Many of us are busy with work and family, planning a wedding is like taking on a second job. Now you have spent a week or two trying to get a list of possible sites, and it is not over next will be the caterers, and then the florists, then limo services and on and on.

Let the wedding planners handle the legwork, they know your budget, your envisioned day was discussed, and from experience, they already know whom to knock off the list before even calling either due to price or decor.

• Professional Experience

How will you start your wedding planning? With aGoogle search, or internet reviews or friend’s suggestions?Competent event and wedding planners have a vast network of industry professionals to reach out to. They are also professional organizers in a sense because they will keep track of all the contracts and monitor the budget, stay on top of florists and bakers to ensure your items arrive on time and to the correct location. They know which vendors and suppliers are reputable and deliver on time.

Moreover, they are perfect for bouncing out-of-the-box ideas off. Are you a wine enthusiast, plan a Napa Valley winery wedding. Are you a California girl at heart and always dreamed of a beach wedding, professional wedding planners are almost a necessity when trying to create a unique experience.

• Budget and Organizational Support

If you are still not keen on the idea of having someone else plan your special day, don’t worry; a wedding planner will only be involved in the process as much as you need and want.

One of the most helpful areas is using the wedding planner initially to plan a budget for you and lay out a plan of action for each item on the to-do-list and when it should be worked on. Having a planning schedule can save hours of unnecessary stress just because you will not be trying to tackle every aspect at the same time.

Many offer a la carte pricing, where you can pick what areas you need help in: color coordination between dresses, napkins, and flowers, or just setting up of a wedding registry website, for example; but you control the rest.

One Last Frog Best Wedding Planners in Los Angeles and special occasions for families, businesses, organizations, Best Wedding Planners Los Angeles.


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