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How to Maintain Our LED Phone Screen
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LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens are commonly used in many electronic gadgets such as TVs, laptop and computer monitors.


LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens are commonly used in many electronic gadgets such as TVs, laptop and computer monitors. Since this transparent cover is make of breakable material, you probably suspect by now that the LCD screen on your iPhone is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of your gadget.


The screen is made up of ultra-thin layers. Two of those layers are polarized panels, between which is a solution of liquid crystal – hence the name. When light is projected through these layers, the liquid crystal layer becomes colorized and produces the image that we see on the phone. Due to its design and material, the LCD screen is easily prone to damage and breakage.


We are trying to extend the usable life of your iPhone and keep it in top shape, here we list some tips on care and maintenance:


Keep Your LCD Screen Clean


Since we use our phone on most of our daily time, the screen is exposed on the air most of the time. It is unavoidable to keep our phone screen away from dust, moisture and dirt. Sometimes when our finger streaks and leaves oil on the screen. Wiping our phone screen and keeping it clean is important because it is a way of maintenance.


In most cases, an LCD screen will only require regular wipes to remove dust. If oil or grime gets on the surface of the phone, use 70% rubbing alcohol and a piece of chamois or flannel. Use this to wipe off the surface. Do not use ammonia-based cleaning products, window or glass cleaners, rough cloths or paper towels.


Use a Protective Screen Film


Just like as skin to our body, screen film is thin and transparent with a stick-on side that can be applied on the surface of the screen. This will help protect it from the usual problems associated with regular wear-and-tear, such as scratches, which will also eliminate the need for LCD screen scratch repair. It can be peeled off and replaced with a new one every few months.


Since there are kinds of screen film on the market, and mobile stalls providing service of cellphone protectors, it is easy for us to get our phone screen a good film protector. Vision protection, radiation protection and whatsoever, a screen film provides you protection to your phone screen and conservation.  


Avoid Dropping the Phone


If the polarized panels break, the liquid crystal solution will leak and cause a distortion on the screen. Avoid carrying your phone around during vigorous activity such as exercise and keep it in a protective case. The extra rubber, silicone or plastic barrier will help protect the surface against dents, dings, and scratches. There are even cases that are designed to shield the iPhone against shock. These cases are usually enough to protect the device from low falls, but won’t do much if you drop your phone from a considerable height. If you frequently use your phone on the condition of damp, or under water, we suggest you used a seal-up airproof bag case for your phone. Such bag case would totally keep your phone away from water and keep it acting well without worries of water damaged, although you could not use ear sets at this time.


What Happens If I Damage the Screen?


If the damage is extensive or affects the functionality of the iPhone, you can have a professional service repair or replace the screen or buy it for cash. Unless you have the expertise and experience, it is not recommended that you attempt to replace the screen yourself. Doing so could cause serious, irreparable damage (that may greatly outweigh the LCD screen repair cost). Besides, you could void the warranty if the coverage is still active. Have the experts work on the problem instead.


There is cellphone market providing LED display screen replace service online such as Cellphone Age. You can choose the suitable model and brand of your phone and delivery your phone to us. There will be days we have your phone screen replaced and fixed, and then delivery back to you. You may land on our web or contact with us if you need our help.  


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