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Local San Diego residents got more than an eyeful when they set their gaze upon the newly completed room over garage addition on their neighbor’s home, done by HK Construction.

01, November 2017: Local San Diego residents got more than an eyeful when they set their gaze upon the newly completed room over garage addition on their neighbor’s home, done by HK Construction.

When a family is growing, like so many are in San Diego CA, they are faced with some choices. Move into a larger home or make existing home larger. More and more San Diegan are opting for home remodeling to add more living space rather than incurring the time and expense of moving.

The home in question got a makeover that was visibly appealing and raised the value of the home. Neighbors are happy about that because when one person’s home goes up in value so does everyone else’s due to neighborhood comps (real estate comparables).

Second story room additions over garages raise the roof for more storage or living space. It raises home value and raises your view to a higher point for greater visibility. It also raises opportunities to let your creativity shine though in the design and decoration of your new space!

Storage or Living Space

One great way San Diego homeowners are adding space at their existing residence is by a room addition over garage. This type of addition lessens the impact on your family during the construction phase. Adding a vertical second-story addition to a single-story home is an efficient approach to managing your needs of increasing your living space.

Along with that, most times your plumbing, water, heating and cooling systems are located or are easily accessible in the existing garage. This allows you to add not only living space like bedrooms or game rooms, but to add additional bathrooms or laundry rooms to the upstairs living quarters.

Home Value

More square footage usually equates to a higher dollar amount in a home’s value. What you and your family might need is an extra room allowing guests to visit and stay over comfortably. Or perhaps you’re having a baby and need another bedroom for the new addition to the family. When thinking of potential property value, the more purposes a room can serve the better.

Better View

Coastal homes enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean. Inland home owners in the San Diego area who choose to add a second story to their home often get to increase their range of view to include the ocean. Garages offer a good option to build a second story upon when you work with an experienced contractor like HK Construction.

There are many options for the types of rooms you can add on. For those who will be able to enjoy the view of the ocean or simply want to be out doors to watch the sunset, you can even enjoy such upstairs amenities as a second story sealed deck with covered trellis system, skylights to enjoy natural lighting during the day and the stars at night.

Home Remodeling

Have fun with this! Engage your creativity and let your own personality shine through. It’s your house so why not let everyone know that? You style is your own so let it become part of your home too.

Hire the Best Contractor for the Job

Find a contractor who knows your neighborhood and has experience in the type of home remodeling you want. Always check references and reviews prior to hiring a contractor!

Obtaining a competitively-priced contractor is the most vital factor when having renovations or construction performed on your garage room addition.

People mistakenly select a cheapest contractor with the lowest bid which is usually the worst option because it ends up ultimately costing them more money in the long run. An inexperienced contractor may be more likely to abandon a job in mid construction. Or be more concerned with getting paid first rather than finishing the project correctly on time.

The lowest bidding contractors frequently offer low prices because they increase the cost later in the project. You want to be sure the amount you are quoted is what you end up paying.

Short cut work, going too fast, using inexperienced “day labor” and installing low-quality components with poor materials are other issues to contend with when dealing with cheap contractors. On the other side of the coin you should avoid overpriced contractors too, as they might be rip-off artists looking to make a quick buck at your expense.

Best Contractor in San Diego for a room addition over garage is HK Construction

HK Construction & Remodel is a local San Diego contractor based in Poway, CA. They focus on offering high value for their clients instead of competing on prices.

HK Remodel concentrates on keeping clients happy throughout the entire renovation process from start to finish. They strive to provide the highest quality service using the best materials available, and do it all for a fair price.

With high praise testimonials on video and in writing it is clear that HK Remodel is one of the most experienced, skilled, honest and trustworthy general contractors in San Diego.

Contact HK Construction today to go over options that will allow for the perfect second story garage addition to your home. Call them today for a free pre-construction consultation and price quote. 858-748-6580

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Marc Gieselmann, Owner
Company: HK Construction, Inc.
Phone: 858-748-6580
Email: hkc@cox.net
Website: http://hkremodel.com/articles/roomadditionovergarage


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