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Beyond our signature curry puff, we have also developed several distinctive sub-brands to expand our portfolio and offer our loyal customers with more high quality and delicious products. Each brand name embodies a unique promise, aspiration and pers

Old Chang Kee - Quality Food in Singapore


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The idea of seller focuses can be an energizing marvel for hungry Western guests in Singapore. Basically a stage up from road sustenance, seller focus is the name for expansive outside nourishment merchant buildings, offering an assortment of reasonable bites and dinners and normally found close transportation centers or vast scale open lodging. Vendor focuses are a boundless organization in places like Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Riau Islands. In Singapore, they are a fun and brave piece of the country's many-layered, enticing nourishment scene. They are additionally a section that might be gradually vanishing, because of numerous peddler focuses being supplanted via aerated and cooled shopping centers. So make certain to visit Singapore and look at these focuses while despite everything you can.


Vendor focuses detonated in the 1960s, somewhat as a push to control and foundation cleanliness principles in the road sustenance business and to battle notorieties of unlicensed road sellers and unhygienic nourishment. In the 1990s, Singapore refreshed and remodeled a considerable lot of these buildings and today they are claimed by associations: the National Environment Agency (NEA), the Housing and Development Board and JTC Corporation. The NEA propelled a significant online asset in spring 2010, at the site myhawkers.org.sg, as a route for vendors to interface and furthermore keep local people and visitors educated. Look at the site to see appraisals, suggestions and tips. Once you've gone to, you can take the online Favorite Hawker Center survey.




There are still more than thirty flourishing seller focuses in Singapore. A couple of the more acclaimed ones incorporate Newton Circus Hawker Center (one of only a handful couple of 24-hour focuses and truly outstanding for fish), Bedok Center, the ones in Chinatown, Tekka Center, and Lavendar Food Square. On the off chance that you'd jump at the chance to look at some noteworthy design while you eat, visit the Lau Pa Sat Food Center, appropriate amidst the business area and housed in the biggest Victorian-style filigree cast-press constructing as yet remaining in Southeast Asia. Vendors are normally secured outdoors offices that work with a lot of fans. Typically each slow down will have practical experience in a specific kind of dish and cafes can sit at little tables or stools some place adjacent. Some prominent dishes are fishball noodle soup, claypot chicken and rice, the conventional Singaporean soup laksa, made with shrimp glue, and a wide range of Chinese, Malay, and Indian dishes. The vast majority of their dishes are still exceptionally economical and delectable entire suppers can be found for well under $5.00 U.S. When you get to an inside, the initial step is asserting or saving a table. Make a point to recollect your table number so you can instruct it to slow down administrators once you've requested nourishment. When it is prepared, the sustenance is then conveyed to your table and that is the point at which you pay and start to taste.


Try not to give their size a chance to overpower you - vendor focuses are an incredibly simple, spending plan agreeable approach to take an intensive lesson in the assorted variety that makes up Singapore's cooking.


Dale Keyser has a sharp fascinating in expounding on Asian urban areas and vacation destinations. In the event that Hawker Centers seem like a place you would visit in Singapore, Dale recommends checking in at the Orchard Hotel Singapore where the inn is near numerous well known traveler goals in Singapore.


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