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Best Olive Oil Available In India For Everyday Use
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There are many different brands and types of best olive oil available in India. Let us take a look at some of the best ones to buy both for consumption and obtaining beauty benefits.

Healthy living is generally associated with healthy food habits. Hence by making certain minute changes in our food habits and our lifestyle, we can make a huge difference to our overall general health. Switching over to low cholesterol cooking oil like olive oil is one such small step.

What is olive oil

Olives, the traditional fruit of the Mediterranean is the source of all different types of olive oil. Fats are extracted from this fruit by using mechanical means to press and grind the fruit. The oils so obtained are a mixture of rich flavour and prominent aroma with a considerably lower content of fat.

Olive oil varieties

There are basically four different varieties of olive oil produced across the world. Each of these varieties has its own features, characteristics and specific uses. Olive oil in India is available in all the four varieties which are:

  • Virgin olive oils: This can be used like any other normal cooking oil but has a slightly elevated level of acidity when compared to the other varieties of olive oil.
  • Extra virgin olive oil: Extra virgin olive oil is the best quality of olive oil available across the globe. It has a beautiful yellow-green colour a very strong flavour which tends to decrease when heated. Marinades and salad dressings are best done using this low cholesterol cooking oil.
  • Pure olive oil: This has a milder flavour since it is obtained by the refining, processing and blending of olive oil from which the virgin oil has been reduced, along with a small quantity of virgin oil. This oil is extremely suited for cooking and is popularly used as a staple medium for making food.
  • Pomace olive oil: The remaining pulp of the olive left behind after the oils have been extracted, is the source of this Pomace olive oil. It is thus of the lowest grade of olive oil and is generally used for deep frying since it also retains some of the goodness of olive oil.

How to buy olive oil in India

There are many different brands making best olive oil in India and in order to understand which brand to buy, the following factors need to be taken into consideration like:

  •          It should come in a tin or a glass bottle of a dark tint since exposure to light as well as heat can reduce its flavour.
  •          All olive oils available are not extra virgin olive oil. Only those which bear the words “extra virgin” on their labels provide             buyers with best olive oil available in India.

  •          The presence of a use-by date on the label is a must since olive oil tends to lose its flavour and perish with age.
  •          It is imperative to buy only that quantity of olive oil which can be used up immediately since olive oils sitting in half-empty           bottles for long tends to go rancid.
  •          The colour of the olive oil has no role to play in its quality and should not be taken into consideration.

In order to get the total health benefits of olive oil, it is very important to buy one which is of a very good quality. This quality can only be judged when the above given points are followed precisely. Hence it is important to take some time in the final selection of the olive oil brand so that it is both beneficial and cost effective.


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