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Best Turkish Towels. Lightweight, quick dry, compact, awesome travel towel. Free shipping on all Turkish Beach Towels. Exclusive woven peshtemals and hammams

Turkish Towels—Best Beach Towels!

Going to the beach on your wedding day or next business trip?  Looking for a soft, comfortable, organic towel to take along for the journey?  https://www.loopys.com.au/ is the place for you.  We offer the best beach towels straight from Turkey.  Soft, organic cotton to envelop you and relax you while you wait for your skin to tan in the golden sun, compared with towels using non-organic cotton and that can be scratchy in a short amount of time.  Our towels will stay soft even after many washings.  It will also be an effective shower towel for when you have a relaxing shower or a soft bubble bath after a hard day at work.  We even have beautiful Turkish bath towels, which would go excellently with your bathroom interior decorating, and help you to take care of your skin when you step out of the bath.  Natural colours so you don't have to worry about pesticides bothering your delicate skin and keeping your skin blemish-free for your trip.  In addition, our beautiful, soft Turkish towels come in many pretty colours, such as Pink Lemonade, Caribbean Blue, Bubblegum Pink, Fairy Floss Pink, Scarlet, Lilac, Purple, Violet, Sun, Lime, Khaki, Our Turkish beach towels really are the best choice for you thanks to their many choices of colours.  If you have kids, they will love these fun colours in the towels!  A little girl might just love Bubblegum Pink or delicate Lilac tones for after she plays outside in the yard sprinkler.  A little boy might love a bright and happy Lime towel or Khaki towel the next time he plays in the sand making sand castles.  A teenage girl or boy might enjoy the more sophisticated tones of Dolphin Grey, Steel Blue, or Navy when they take their towels to hang out with their friends at the beach, as would your college student.  Order them now at https://www.loopys.com.au/.  We ship to all countries, but have free shipping for orders within the continent of Australia, and ship to all cities including Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, and more.  In addition, we take Mastercard debit and credit card, Visa debit and credit card, Paypal, and much, much more so we can accommodate for all of your international shipping needs.  Our towels are shipped by DHL Global Mail with a flat international shipping price of $9.95AU, and have free shipping from inside the Australian mainland.  Plus, they can come overnight, or within days of your online purchase, which will make the wait for the mail even shorter when you're feeling anxious to receive your new Turkish towel!  We will be glad to ship to you today, or we could ship them to your friends and family if you so wish.  These towels would make great holiday gifts, like for that special someone on Valentine's Day, or for your parents on Father's and Mother's Day, or for putting under the tree for Christmas or for adding to your resolutions on New Year's.  We hope to see you soon!


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