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Employee Drug Testing Companies specialize in dot drug testing, workplace drug and alcohol testing, on-site drugs testing.


Colorado Mobile drug testing is a company that provides mobile drug tests at the request of her clients. Drug testing is a very serious issue when it comes to ensuring work place safety. At many points in time individuals and companies have had cause demand for Drug Testing Colorado. This company is a company which is poised to provide quality service for their clients. The service which they provide are prompt and they make sure that their clients get value for service.

Employee Drug Testing Companies

Employee drug testing is a very serious issue as companies do not want to have chemically motivated individuals on the job. Imagine a person handling heavy machinery at a company and yet such a person takes cannabis. The kind and type of havoc can be avoided by having Drug Testing Denver done for employee within a company.

When people also look at the issue of productivity for clients. It will be really reduced if such an employee is on alcohol. To forestall and avoid all these kind of issues it is important that testing is done for workers. To make sure that these services are done well and in a very short time, this outfit encourages companies to call on them for mobile testing. Mobile testing is a way to reduce the time it takes to conduct the tests. This means that they can help clients to save time by bringing the testing to them and not waste time waiting for them to bring their workers , samples and clients for testing.

Sports Testing

In the area of sports they also work by doing drug testing for sports men. On many occasions this outfit has been contracted by sports associations to conduct doping test on athletes and be sure that they are not under the influence of chemicals.

24- Hour Service

They provide 24 hour service and testing for our clients and work hard to ensure that at every point in time clients can get their workers tested. This is important and it also helps to ensure that time is not wasted for their clients.


They do work on many types of samples to include urine, alcohol breath testing, court ordered drug testing and many other types of drug testing. When people have to do a drug test which has been ordered by the court perhaps due to paternity issues, DNA testing of testing of blood samples and evidence. The outfit also conducts court ordered testing for rapist to ensure that justice is served in all these issues.

Pre- Employment Testing

Drug Testing Colorado also works hard at doing employment testing for new recruits. This is important and this helps to make sure that the right kind of people are employed to work in client’s companies. This mst be done so as not to allow people who are on drugs or chemically addicted get employed.

Follow-up, and Return-to-Duty Drug Testing

They also do tests to ensure that people who want to resume duties are also allow to go through a test and tests for workers returning from leave to ensure that the best people return to the job.

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Employee Drug Testing Companies specialize in dot drug testing, workplace drug and alcohol testing, on-site drugs testing, random drugs testing services in Denver Colorado. Contact us, we have solution for all of your drugs testing need. Enquire now!
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