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Welcome to Cryo Australia. We are proud to be the leading Cryotherapy equipment and service providers in Australia and NZ.


The rewards for detoxification are well established. A healthy liver can maintain the immune system and protect against unwanted diseases by the production of glutathione. This substance is widely used to reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy and to limit the normal deterioration of numerous bodily functions.

Glutathione is noted as beneficial for glaucoma, memory loss, aids as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, and skin disorders.  Sadly as we age and our livers become engorged with toxins the production of this element natural diminishes.

Luckily the healthcareindustry has a method of reproducing glutathione. There are several ways of administrating this from inhalation, injections and oral medications. Some patients with diseases such as asthma should not inhale it, as it is known to cause complications. Oral is available, but results are somewhat delayed due to the normal digestive process. Injections are a bit faster.

Cryo Austrailia offers a Hydro Detox which not only replenishes glutathione but hydration simultaneously. This intravenous therapy begins detoxifying your body and replenishing essential vitamins and minerals as quickly as it’s infused. It’s safe, efficient and effective in enhancing the immune system.

How It Works

Glutathione is involved in every cellular process in the body. It is a small protein consisting of 3 amino acids, and it is essential for life even at the cellular level. The most significant attributes of this protein are detoxification, immune system booster, and as the most powerful antioxidant found to date.

Glutathione retards the build-up of toxic compounds such as heavy metals thus allowing your body to purge unwanted and dangerous chemicals. The retardationslows the aging process, increases immunity even to many forms of cancer, and improves blood flow.

Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated a positive outcome in patients with lung diseases and wound healing among others. Research has also shown that an oral supplement at the highest dose takes months to elevate the GSH level in the body. Intravenous therapy appears to be the most favourable choice to reach therapeutic goals. 


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Welcome to Cryo Australia. We are proud to be the leading Cryotherapy equipment and service providers in Australia and NZ.

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