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We are your one-stop bridal shop for quality wedding gown and dress alterations in Southern California areas including L.A and Hollywood.

Whenever you want to alter the style of an existing bridal gown in Los Angeles, simply nip and tuck until it fits you perfectly, or letting out a gown works perfectly for your body type, wedding gown alterations in Los Angelescan be done always but you have to start early!

Finding a Seamstress

Most of the wedding dress shops have a recommended seamstress, or an in-house seamstress. You have to remember that adjusting a formal evening wear and a bridal attire is much more different than just sewing a button, because of this ensure you choose a professional who is well experienced with bridal gown alterations in Los Angeles.

Minor Alterations            

There are many brides that are very lucky because they were able to find a dress that fit them nearly perfectly. In this scenario, only a few alterations are necessary. However, it is good to visit the bestbridal shop in Hollywoodwho is major in wedding gowns. She will also ensure that the dress gives you the best-fit possible, which will result to an amazing look.

Alteration Variations

Three different types of alterations can be done on a wedding gown. You may need to adjust the length-so hemming is the first type. The second one is bodice alteration which involves the adjustment of the dress to fit the bride’s waist, bust, and hips. Lastly, if the gown has sleeves, they may need to be shortened.

Timing Is Everything

The secret to a good gown alteration is to visit Hollywood best bridal shopfor the best gown, also ensure you go for the best Hollywood bridal gown alterations and start the process early. The bride should ensure the gown is worn for the first set of alterations about two months before the wedding. The seamstress would inspect the gown and discuss what is needed to be done and can also make suggestions on what will make it look perfect. The seamstress should also provide an estimate of how much the work will cost and might likewise give some suggestions about bustling the dress. If there is any special request the bride want to make, she will definitely do that during the first fitting. The next fitting would be scheduled around a month before the wedding and by this time most of the alterations would have been done neatly. The final fitting will ensure that the cloth fit the bride just like a glove.

Remember to...

If you are attending a fitting for your wedding gown, you should take along most of your accessories especially the shoes! If you’ve not purchased it, take along a similar pair with the same height of heel, however, when the dress has been altered, the shoes should be with the bride. It is also a good idea to wear the undergarments you wish to use on your wedding day, and bring along veil or headdress, along with wedding day jewelry so as to have an image of how everything will look like on the wedding day! A trusted friend can also be taken along in case you want to make a quick decision on anything.

A wedding dress that does not fit perfectly will not be comfortable and this is why it is common to alter a wedding dress, and most brides end up attending between two and four fittings.

For more information about bridal gown alterations Los Angeles, best bridal shop in Hollywood and wedding gown alterations Los Angeles, visit this page http://www.gracebridalcouture.com/wedding-gown-alterations-la.html.


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