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All fashion fads have a downside. Colored contacts have been a thing for a couple of years now and a means of inclusion among social groups. Why they shouldn't be? Most of them can be bought on-line and you can show a different look every day among your peers. There is a misconception among kids that colored contacts are cheap and reusable. The lack of information about this issue might label the continuous use of colored contacts a health hazard among young people.

Most kids will buy colored contacts online with no regards to their eyesight health. The moment when the transaction is made is where everything begins to go wrong. As with any medication, colored contacts need a prescription, even if they are going to be used with cosmetic purposes. Contacts are not over-the-counter merchandise that can be sold with no regulation. Whoever offers you cheap colored contacts has no regards for your health, and is breaking the law. If they were prosecuted, they make themselves targets to face fines up to $11.000 or even prison time.

The facts

Colored contacts online are usually sold by unauthorized retailers on one-size-fits-all presentations. These products are going to endanger your eyesight by scratching your cornea. They can also lead you to a corneal infection. They can even give you pink eye and leave you blind. These are not ramblings of a paranoid customer. These are proven consequences backed up with medical evidence by The American Academy of Ophthalmology.

The problems

The problem with decorative lenses is not their existence on itself. Is the wide array of unhealthy options out there that make no regards for customers’ health. People still continues to use improperly. Since eyes are such a delicate body part, the harm is noticeable almost immediately. Infections can appear in less than 24 hour.

The prevention

The first step to avoid falling for these scams and taking care of your health is to look for the government agency issuing the selling of the contact lenses you are about to buy. The FDA in America and the KFDA in Asia are trustworthy organisms that sanction the dealing of colored lenses in their respective markets. It doesn't hurt either to look for an ISO certification label on the product. This is usually a brand quality signature.

You might be budget challenged, but buying colored lenses cheap will only bring high medical bills in the long run. Avoid buying contacts from street vendors, beauty salons, boutiques, flea markets, novelty stores, record stores. Or Beach shops and internet sites that don’t ask for a prescription.

You can follow a safe protocol to get your decorative contact lenses. First of all go to your doctor, even if you feel you have a 20/20 vision. Get a valid prescription that includes a brand that favors you, along the lens measurements or formula. If you are getting your colored contacts online make sure they are operating within regulations. Follow the basic rules of hygiene to keep them clean.

Enjoy your colored contacts. But be smart about their use.

Colored Contact Lenses are beautiful lenses that are available in different sizes. Though they are relatively small, their sizes vary. They are also available at LensVillage.com in different styles and designs.


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