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Some important function entertainment ideas for a successful function
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Get function entertainment ideas in Melbourne at Birdhouse Event Entertainment.

If you want to carry out a function in Australia, it is very important to make sure that you plan for it properly. Just as important as the planning, is the implementation of the plans. When the planning is properly done and the implementation is as close to perfect as possible, then you should be able to have a successful function that you will be happy about. Your aim for the function will be achieved, be it to close deals with clients or create awareness about your product. Here are some function entertainment ideas you should follow.

Start planning on time

The first thing you need to do when you want to organize a function is to plan. In most cases, it is best when a committee is set up for planning the function. The planning will be based on the aim and objective of the function. The committee might have to liaise with expert event entertainers in Melbourne, such as Birdhouse entertainment. They will be able to advise them and put their input during the planning phase. You will be able to know the part they are covering and what else will be left.


Budgeting is very vital in planning a function. The company will indicate the amount they are willing to send and the planning committee will plan accordingly. Alternatively, they will allow the planning committee to plan and bring up the budget, they will then check to see that the total for the budget is feasible and when not, they could suggest expenses that should be reduced or they might mandate the planning committee to cut it down by a certain percentage. Money is very important in everything and it will be needed to get venue, decorate it, get chairs and tables, provide food as well as hire DJs and MCs amongst others.

Use event companies

Using even companies is an easy and very effective way of having a great function. The event companies have professionals such as DJs, MCs, dancers and presenters that you will need during your party. They can also help with passing across vital messages the organization hopes to pass across during the function in very appealing and effective ways. It is often very easy to spot their professionalism in functions, especially when such functions are compared to those where no professional event company was responsible in planning and implementing it.


Invitation is also very important in functions. A function could either be public, in-house or private. Where it is private, a guest list will be drawn and only those guests will be allowed to come in. Depending on the profile of the guests, it might be necessary to get invitation cards. There are also guests that could be invited through SMS. For private and in-house functions, the means of invitation will need to be presented before the individual is allowed in. It is vital to ensure that all the guests for the event get their invitation card and at least a week or more before the event, so they can plan towards it and make out time.

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