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Details about E Waste Recycling San Jose
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We establish a formal & ongoing program within your organization to provide a solution for disposing all electronic waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner at Santa Clara.

What Is E-Waste

E-waste has been the latest and common trend in some cities and companies. These end-of-line devices or commonly referred to as e-waste or e-scrap involves many different items like stereos, mobile phones, televisions, and other computer parts and equipment. These items are mostly refurbished if not recycled. However, even though many have exerted the efforts in promoting this kind of scheme, several amount of these e-wastes have ended up in landfills. The rates of e-waste recycling are still too low to make an impact in the environment.

The Importance of E-Waste Recycling

There are several reasons why every city should practice e-waste recycling. And some of the reasons may be found below

 Raw Materials

The materials subject to e-waste recycling are rich in raw resources. In the current practice of recycling, around 10 to 15% of gold are recovered in from the materials and the rest are lost. Imagine if we religiously practice e-waste recycling? Moreover, electronic waste has precious metal deposits. It was estimated to be around 50 times richer than minerals that are mined from the earth.

Solid Waste Management

 Because of rapid increase in the production of electronic devices, and most of these devices are only used at a short period of time, many of them are just thrown into the trash bin. Therefore, the need to expand the solid waste management is in demand. The solid waste generation has also increased and consequently producing more solid wastes than ever.

Toxic Materials

 Almost all of the old electronic devices are manufactured with materials containing toxic substances such as cadmium, mercury, lead, and many others. This is why the demand to create a proper processing system has increased in order to make sure that the toxic substances are not released in the environment. Other materials also contain more hazardous substances or chemicals that are highly flammable.

Hazardous Waste

There are several attempts to promote e-waste recycling but some of these organizations are not regulated. Therefore, most of them recycle e-waste in countries where the labor is cheap and the approach is primitive. This can result to several health risks to those who are involved in this kind of industry and to all the residents residing near the area.

Benefits of E-Waste Recycling

In this kind of dynamic, Electronic Recycling Santa Clara are recycled instead of being thrown away. This helps in preventing further environmental risks. It helps create a strong economy since this kind of recycling is considered to be highly economical. It contributes to lesser consumption of energy and minimizes other unnecessary costs. Recycling helps in preserving what was left of our natural resources. Since out natural resources are very limited and most companies always demand for more consumption of raw materials, e-waste recycling can provide for that need of materials. These companies are able to produce more devices without the need to use our natural resources. Lastly, this kind of scheme can help people gain more profit, especially those that are working at home or have small businesses that involves recycling. It encourages entrepreneurship and at the same contributes something good to the environment.

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Evergreen E-Waste Recycling offer E-waste pick-ups service for business, organization & Implement the best electronic recycling solution for your needs at San Jose in the Bay Area.



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