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Looking for the perfect gift sets for a cocktail lover? These cocktail bitters gift boxes & sample sets from Strongwater Bitters & Spirits are perfect for the holidays.

Thoughts of Christmas and birthday presents make you feeling stressed? Worried that all of the standard gifts are too bland and by the books? Well, if you’re looking to buy someone a great gift that they won’t be expecting, a bitters gift set is a great choice! It’s also great for someone who loves bitters, but maybe is running low. Or, if you want to buy one for yourself because you want to try something new, then nothing should stop you. If you’re feeling any of these scenarios then this article is for you; a guide to bitters gift sets!

What Kinds of Gift Sets are There?

Well, just like everything else, bitters gift sets are highly varied. Some are just a grouping of several different flavors while others have a several of just one type. The flavor collections range from just 2, all the way to 8 or more! There are small bottle collections and large bottle collections. There are beginner’s kits for first time bitters drinkers, and there are even kits that come with cocktail accessories. You’ll want to choose the right gift set for the right situation, from anniversaries to birthdays to Christmas, and there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

The Best Kinds of Gift Sets

The best gift sets are always dependent on who you’re buying for and what occasion you’re buying for. Moreover, whether or not someone will be enjoying their bitters set with whiskey or gin is another thing to consider. Bitters gift sets that sell best are generally the small bottled flavor samplings and the beginner’s gift sets, and these are two gift sets that are also wonderful to pair together. The former is great for someone looking to just try it all and see what they like as the latter is a good way to get someone on board the bitters train.


Bitters are by no stretch of the imagination a cheap gift that you buy for under $5.00 and send to that cousin you’ve only met once at a reunion. No, bitters gift sets are moderately priced sets that require some extra thought and money, but will show that you care about someone and you're willing to go that extra mile. From the sample collections to the large deluxe sets, bitters gift sets generally range from around $20.00 to $80.00 (although they can get even pricier).

Finally, bitters gift sets are a fantastic way to set yourself apart from the gift giving monotony while also giving someone a gift that they’ll love. Bitters make some of the best gifts simply because they are unconventional and unique.  By extension, they are a great way that you can wow someone and catch them by surprise. Hopefully while you are looking for a bitters gift set, you’ll be able to get that great gift without spending too much money in the process. Maybe while you’re looking, you’ll even find a gift for yourself.


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