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Walking music traveler JOYROOM wireless Bluetooth speaker
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JOYROOM product ID design has never been a secular flow, before the Cell Phone Age has made an evaluation on the ultra-high value of the glass 2 Bluetooth speakers.


JOYROOM product ID design has never been a secular flow, before the Cell Phone Age has made an evaluation on the ultra-high value of the glass 2 Bluetooth speakers. And thanks to the designer a good taste of the same strain, the division with the door of the JOYROOM modeling is also full of speculation, but compared looks much smaller. The outer wrapping is also the rendering graph as the center of the subject, and the main angle of view is adjusted by the three-dimensional axis so that the edge arc is highlighted. Whitening background is the top of the model JOYROOM words, the lower right corner of the very small Bluetooth logo, inform consumers that this is a Bluetooth product.


JOYROOM uses gift box cover design, remove the above mentioned cover what is reflected in eyes is the product real body, and the first impression is the iconic design style bright silver logo embedded in the center of the speaker. The fuselage is made of high quality one-piece aluminum material, with integrated streamlined and painted in the cutting edge of the arc - metal aluminum material has the characteristics of light weight, optimized for outdoor walking scenes; and streamline and arc Modeling design makes the speaker looks more fashion sense. Hollow filter also have different details: the most out of the circle for the rules of the circle is dotted, the internal circle is JOYROOM flattened version of the reduced version of the ventilation holes are very uniform covered with the remaining area. There is none of traditional speaker tedious.


The top of the Bluetooth speaker with imitation leather decoration and diamond trimming, this leather decoration and part of the camera peripherals (such as Sony α series camera leather) look similar, with both stylish and generous appearance, but also with a slippery Tired of the comfortable feel, exudes artist youth or music lovers fascinated by the unique temperament, that is, the durability of leather materials to be elegant. The power button, the Bluetooth start button, the call / play button are placed side by side on the left side, and each position is made in a concave design. When the button is pressed, the finger has a feeling of being surrounded, and the key has a good sensitivity. JOYROOM using Bluetooth 4.2 technology, wireless connectivity range up to 10 meters distance, but also has an advantage of faster and more power-saving.


JOYROOM speaker is very compact weight light, from the picture you can see the size and the next side of the iPhone 6s plus, even narrower. But different from the iPhone can always hides pocket, JOYROOM more out of the thickness of the speakers in addition to speakers and circuit modules, but also because the built-in two integrated noise reduction and echo cancellation technology microphone, reasonable with noise reduction technology, is conducive to solving environmental noise Of the troubles, and thus achieve a clear voice connection. A comprehensive feature called it a frequent traveler who is often out of the way.


Similar to the size of the iPhone 6s plus, JOYROOM will be portable Bluetooth speaker scene shape to do more compact and compact, exquisite workmanship and fashion design gives this Bluetooth speaker higher shape evaluation. According to the recent launch of the series of products we almost want to think from the JOYROOM design value will not be disappointing: from the harmonious color to the physical exquisite lines brought about by the elegance and vitality are hidden in the brand design heritage. But in terms of sound quality, with the price of portable Bluetooth product sound quality level is not high, tuning level much the same, unfortunately JOYROOM also in one of them, after all, the volume in that. Of course, in other parts of the work, such as JOYROOM still have a lot of affirmative place, and really want to choose it is also directed at this extraordinary tolerance of ingenuity.


Top of the top part of the leather is the volume control button, the middle there is power display, user-friendly to determine the charging time. To know that travel and cannot easily find the power supply, for digital products lovers, who will feel embarrassing when out of power, JOYROOM portable Bluetooth speakers with 2500mAh lithium-ion battery, and 2500mAh battery capacity is not less, To know the iPhone 7 plus is also 2910mAh. JOYROOM's standby for up to 10 hours of play, but also through the USB interface for other devices to charge (can be considered an emergency little nurse). The full charge time varies depending on the charging current, about 3 to 5 hours. In addition to Bluetooth transmission, JOYROOM can also be connected through the traditional 3.5mm analog interface, as a wired speaker to play.


Bottom is with a circular colloid mat. Anti-skid pad in the diagonal four vertexes were set up a convex, one is conducive to increase the friction with the contact surface to ensure better anti-skid effect, and secondly placed on the wet ground, the middle of the air gap can prevent the bottom of the speaker from wet cause by surface water tension attached. In addition to the bottom of the SN code, each machine corresponds to a single serial number, once there is problems with product, it can be used for warranty after-sales registration.


Now for such a Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker, the total cost is only 58USD on Cell Phone Age com, including a charging cable, a warranty card, a safety brochure, a quick start guide, a certificate and a black matte material carrying bag.


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