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Tempered glass protective film product knowledge
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Film for iPhone 7


With the mobile phone features intelligent transformation, in recent years the mobile phone accessories also formed a huge industrial chain, of which the protective film for mobile phone is typical. There are a wide variety of screen protection films on the market, but generally most films are made of transparent materials rely on static and adhesive attached to screen. The shortcomings of this type of product is easy to fall off, blistering, short life, no anti-scratch, not shockproof, easy to paste and so on. And now market has emerged a new type of protective film - tempered glass screen protective film will not be troubled by the above problems.


Tempered glass protective film only need to cover the overlay on the phone screen can be, users do not like the use of thin film generally carefully paste, because the tempered glass protective film with automatic exhaust function does not appear ugly bubble. Tempered glass protective film can be anti-fragmentation, anti-scratch and anti-crash, its toughness is also sufficient to protect the mobile phone display to avoid to heavy pressure.


Tempered glass or Reinforced glass is a safety glass. Tempered glass is actually a kind of pre-stressed glass. In order to improve the strength of glass, it is usually used to produce compressive stress on the glass surface by chemical or physical method. When the glass is subjected to external force, the surface stress is first offset, which improves the carrying capacity and enhances the glass self anti-Wind pressure, cold and heat, impact and so on.


Tempered glass protective film by the tempered glass and special AB double-sided adhesive, which AB double-sided adhesive to PET is based on the side of the silicone side is the acrylic glue, silicone (automatic exhaust) fit on the phone screen, and acrylic adhesive fit Tempered glass.


Tempered glass protective film is the most widely used in Europe, to this end, is the main supplier of glass protective film products are the European market, tempered glass protective film in China will also quickly spread, and will form a huge industry chain market The Although the tempered glass protective film is a new type of mobile phone protective film, the production of glass protective film manufacturers are many, according to incomplete statistics about 100 domestic, mainly concentrated in Guangdong, and growing.


But the market is the vast majority of the quality of the tempered glass protective film there is a big problem, mainly in the following areas: a) poor exhaust gas surface residual bubble phenomenon; b) tempered glass around the corner paste, D) tempered glass is too thick, affecting the light transmittance, and thicken the thickness of the phone; e) tempered glass paste from the glue is too thick, affecting the phone through the through Light rate; f) tempered glass paste from the phone, the phone surface watermarking phenomenon.


Dedicated to the phone a wide range of tempered glass, uneven quality, high-quality tempered glass is not much, do not have a big brand influence. Most of the market is 0.33mm and 0.4mm thickness of the tempered glass, which provides 0.21mm and has a good material is Kangming, Ju Zhe and other manufacturers, can provide less than 0.2mm and have high-quality tempered glass manufacturers very few.


According to the market reaction, many manufacturers are bad phenomenon. (The exhaust is not good, the phone surface residual bubbles; tempered glass around the corner of the sticky; tempered glass and the phone cannot stick, easy to fall off; tempered glass is too thick, affecting the light transmittance, and thicken the thickness of the phone; Paste the glue is too thick; tempered glass paste from the phone, the phone surface watermark phenomenon.) It is understood, Cell Phone Age com has been developed 10 years ago, 4 years ago has been put into production, for product technology storage, has not Market sales. But AB double-sided adhesive on the tempered glass material requirements are relatively high, if the material in the poor quality of the glass will appear on the watermark phenomenon, after a few hours will automatically disappear.


Tempered glass protective film is a new product, there are still many problems in the processing, which is the problem troubled by the production of finished glass products plagued, mainly in two aspects: First, the level of processing is not advanced lead to product quality, Second, the greater the level of processing damage the greater the amount of material, a direct result of cost waste. Among them, Cell Phone Age can provide AB double-sided adhesive, but also with advanced processing equipment, can directly provide the product sheet manufacturers, which also makes the finished glass protective film manufacturers favored.


Tempered glass protective film is a new product, the industry chain has just started, but with great market prospects. Dedicated to the tempered glass AB double-sided adhesive and tempered glass products and processing technology levels have to be improved to meet the modern people requirements on the phone high quality and personality.


Now online shopping is much convenient and affordable than ten years before, because of cheaper price and faster shipping. Now only cost less than 6 USD you can get a 3D Curved Full Cover Tempered Glass Film for iPhone 7 from Cell Phone Age com.


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