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What are the shortcomings and advantages of the iPhone 5S?
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As 2013's flagship model iPhone 5s has been launched for nearly 4 years, a lot of Apple's owners have already started it!


As 2013's flagship model iPhone 5s has been launched for nearly 4 years, a lot of Apple's owners have already started it! As the market's best smart phone in that year, iPhone 5S once launched was sought after and loved by the majority of users. But even for the best iPhone, many users like "eggs in the bones" and dig out a lot of iPhone 5S disadvantages. So, what are the advantages of iPhone 5s so that users love, what are the shortcomings to allow users to complain about it? Cell Phone Age today to lead everyone to inventory the iPhone 5s integrated test.



1. Latest flagship model of Apple

As Apple's latest flagship machine, iPhone 5S is currently on the market the latest, the best iPhone, this is not a merit of the advantages, but it is the biggest advantage. Whether you think the current smart phone market is iOS, android and Window Phone third of the world, or that the current situation is iOS and android heroes confrontation. There is no doubt that the iPhone represents the smartphone's best user experience, the best industrial design and the best ecosystem, so as an iPhone, one of the most powerful Apple phone, iPhone 5S is the biggest advantage.


2. More color options

Finally iPhone 5S broke the iPhone black and white tradition, more than a golden model. And the use of the golden iPhone 5S is not as people think it is as vulgar; Apple's excellent industrial design is still able to reflect the high-grade fashion sense of the product. In mainland China, this is called "champagne gold" iPhone 5S, was known as "Tu Hao gold", and led the moment of the wave. I believe we all remember the iPhone5S has just launched the gold iPhone 5S sought after and the price hype.


3. CPU: coprocessor with 64 bits

A7 chip, although not surprising, but the iPhone 5S CPU or bring us new ideas. The first is the M7 motion coprocessor, so that the iPhone 5S to achieve more accurate motion sensing function, and these sensors will be better integrated into the use of features; Second, different from the Android camp quad-core eight nuclear bombing, iPhone 5s quietly became the world's first and only 64-bit chip smartphone. Which represents the iPhone's processing performance increased by 40 times, OpenGL Es 3.0 to join the graphics ability to enhance the 56 times.


4. TouchID fingerprint recognition function

For the first time on the iPhone's Home key equipped with a fingerprint sensor, can replace the password for the phone to unlock and log in iTunes account. There is no doubt that this feature will make the iPhone 5s more secure, and the future application of the scene will be very broad, pay, communications and other applications are likely to join the fingerprint recognition function.


5. More feature-rich camera

In the camera hardware upgrade on the iPhone 5s is not surprising, the sensor pixel has not changed, but has a larger pixel area, the lens aperture also increased to F2.2; software part of the evolution is more optimized image processing algorithm to improve the Flash white balance effect, adding digital image stabilization, as well as 10fps continuous shooting and 120fps slow motion video function. Although the degree of abundance is still less than some Andrews models, but Apple intends to keep its simple camera features at the same time, adding some cool look fun features to enhance the phone's camera selling point.



1. Appearance lack of new ideas with small screen

Although the launch of gold version, the iPhone 5S shape design is still the same with the iPhone 5. The history of “S” models has no design changes, but for the user, the new version of the design is attractive. If you choose the iPhone 5S the most disappointing point, it is probably a 4-inch small screen. Although the Android field 6-inch giant screen mobile phone is too exaggerated, but 4 inches is indeed too small. But with the mobile phone industry to enhance the technology, most of the smart phone screen size has been maintained at 5 inches.


2. Battery life is still unsatisfactory

Compared to last year's iPhone 5, iPhone 5s only in 3G call time and LTE browsing time increased by two hours, standby is increased by 25 hours, but this is the theoretical data. Of course, taking into account the performance of the increase, this result is reasonable. But in actual use, your iPhone 5s may still have a day charge.


3. Competitive advantage is getting smaller and smaller

"After Jobs left, the situation of apple is worse and worse day as day". Such as the argument we almost hear every day, but the introduction of iPhone5S as if in such a sentence of self-fulfilling. The current iPhone innovation is getting smaller and smaller, as iPhone 5S upgrade is also mostly stay in the hardware level. The market like from 59 to 70 of the product, but little interest on 97 points into 98 points of the product. Hope that Apple make persistent efforts to give us once again bring a fresh and innovative experience.


Four years has gone since iPhone 5s was released. During this period Apple successively launched iPhone 6 series, iPhone 6s series, iPhone 7 series and this year’s iPhone 8 series and iPhone X. However iPhone 5s is still one of the most cost-efficient smartphones on current market as the price has dropped by more than a half. At present to buy an unlocked iPhone 5s 32GB will only spend on less than 200USD from Cell Phone Age com.  


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