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There various insurances such as malpractice insurance, disability insurance etc. Also, it is quite common to have insurances with generous coverage’s and payouts.

In the healthcare industry, it is the norm for doctors to take out various insurances. There various insurances such as malpractice insurance, disability insurance etc. Also, it is quite common to have insurances with generous coverage’s and payouts, Hence, it must come as no surprise that when you add all the premiums together, the collective burden of insurances is nothing to scoff at. When faced with such a financial burden, the question whether it is really worth it, is quite natural. While there are many different insurances involved in the medical practice, in this article we shall take a look at doctor’s disability insurance.

A brief overview of disability insurance

Various major insurance companies offer specialised doctor’s disability insurance packages. For example, Principal offers the Disability Income Protection policy, which is their doctor disability insurance policy, and Standard offers Long Term Disability Insurance option for doctors. The basic premise of disability insurance is to offset the risk of loss of livelihood and earning due to a disability. In case a doctor has an unfortunate accident and as a result permanently disabled, rendering him unable to perform the job he previously did, then the insurance benefit kicks in so as to provide monetary support for the doctor. Some policies also pay for atemporary disability such as being unable to go to work due to sickness. The extent of coverage, benefits etc. depend on the policy.

Counting the cost

Let us make a quick and simple calculation. Consider a hypothetical professional with annual earnings of $50,000. Over a career of 40 years, this adds up to an amount of $2 million. That is what is being insured in this case, a medical practitioner’s potential earnings. While a disability insurance may not compensate absolutely, it will provide significant financial assistance to a doctor whose earnings have taken a hit due to any disabilities.

Other options

The risk of disability and consequent hit to earnings is definitely significant. So, if you are evaluating options as to deal with it, then insurance is almost the best option. But if for some reason you do not want to consider it, then you must think of the alternatives and the associated costs.

One way to mitigate costs is to maintain a significant amount of savings to mitigate any hit. But savings will eventually run out, several disabilities last for more than a few months. Several insurance policies offer benefits until your retirement age, if necessary. Also, putting a small amount in savings every month can be equated with insurance premiums, but the insurance benefits will be several times larger than any savings you might be able to muster. In order to access his own savings, he will not need to go through any bureaucracy or paperwork, so that’s a small advantage, but it has nothing to do with cost. In case you run into financial hardship, it is likely that you will need theassistance of a close family member such as parents or spouse. In that case, the burden of the financial cost also falls on whoever is supporting you.

Thus, considering the importance of insurance and the alternatives to deal with the risks, most people come to the conclusion that the hefty premium for various insurance policies is well worth the money. Hence it is no surprise that doctor’s disability insurances are so prevalent in the healthcare industry.

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