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The Orient 2nd Generation Bambino Classic Automatic FAC00001B0 Men’s Watch is a timepiece that works under a shirt cuff.

Orient 2nd Generation Bambino Classic Automatic FAC00001B0 Men’s WatchThe new and improved version of the original Bambino preserves its timeless design while upgrading itself technically. Unlike the first generation Bambino, the Orient 2nd Generation Bambino Classic Automatic FAC00001B0 Men’s Watch allows manual winding and seconds-hacking, allowing precise time-setting and a relief from wearing it to keep it running. So now, you can treat this fine dress watch like one and not as a beater.

The watch tale:

Time to look beyond the rugged sports and tool watches! The Orient 2nd Generation Bambino Classic Automatic FAC00001B0 Men’s Watch is a timepiece that works under a shirt cuff. A dress watch that saves your day when a classier option is needed minus the pinch, there aren’t too many better options present if you are to satisfy both the requirements without paying an atrocious price. Fit to be worn for weddings, job interviews or even at award ceremonies, the Orient 2nd Generation Bambino Classic Automatic FAC00001B0 Men’s Watch is going to delight the true watch lovers also by offering the best price for this entry-level option.

However, to understand the Orient 2nd Generation Bambino Classic Automatic FAC00001B0 Men’s Watch fully, you must also understand where the design of the original Bambino remains rooted into – namely, the domed crystal, the domed dial and hands bent along the edge of the dial. These three features link the Bambino together.

What you see:

A dark, metallic dial housing polished and beveled hour markers and dauphine hands, the Orient 2nd Generation Bambino Classic Automatic FAC00001B0 Men’s Watch also has a track of seconds-markers around the dial’s edge and a date window at the 3’o clock position. It looks identical to the Original Bambino except that the hands are not bent around the edge of the dial.

The Orient 2nd Generation Bambino Classic Automatic FAC00001B0 Men’s Watch has been given the F6724 movement, which is an upgrade of the caliber F6922. This date-only caliber aligns perfectly with the new design and succeeds the caliber 48743, a true workhorse movement.

Overall opinion

The Orient Mens Watches sports a look that’s antique-inspired, making it a true classic-contemporary watch with modern styling elements thrown into in correct measures, with the classic feel enhanced further by an automatic, mechanical movement that allows manual winding and seconds-hacking.

About Orient:

Orient Bambino Watches are a freestanding, Seiko subsidiary with its own history and heritage, creating an entire line of interesting innovations. The surprising part is Orient is larger than the mother brand Seiko in Japan and happens to be the country’s largest producer of mechanical watches. A true in-house manufacturer, Orient creates everything on its own - from the case and straps to the robust movements. And above all, they stand as a bright example of typical Japanese quality-control despite offering their products at affordable price-points.


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