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Cliff-Top.Co provides Motorcycle Power Adaptors durable and long lasting products like USB Adaptor, Interchangeable USB charger, Cigarette Socket Adaptor, A Hella to extended USB

The Cliff-Top Inc provides Electronic Accessories for BMW and Motor GP

Heated motorcycle clothing is not just for riders. Whether it's riding, winter hunting, snowmobiling, snowboarding, boating or outdoor spectator sports, heated motorcycle clothing can add comfort and pleasure to your activities and extend both the time and enjoyment of cold-weather recreation. Motorcyclists have known the benefits of heated gear for many years. Advances in technology, materials and design have allowed the production of heated motorcycle clothing that's not just for motorcyclists anymore, but is versatile enough for use in many situations where the elements have the upper hand -- even if it's just your cold den.

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Advances in technology have allowed for an ever-increasing number of ways to keep the cold at bay. Heated clothing now comes in many forms -- gloves and glove liners, socks and boot liners, pants and pants liners, jackets and jacket liners, scarves, heated grips and heated vests.


The heated vest has been one of the most popular articles of heated motorcycle clothing. The heated vest heats your core, which keeps the rest of the body warmer. With the introduction of lightweight, flexible fabrics and the advances in electrical circuitry, you can count on safe, windproof, waterproof, lightweight, stretchable garments without the downside of hot spots. One of the advantages of wearing a heated vest under a motorcycle jacket (or ski parka), is the elimination of layers of clothing and the additional flexibility of movement this allows. A warmer body and more flexibility add up to a safer riding (or skiing or snowmobiling or hunting) experience.

Motorcycle Power Adaptors

Heated clothing can be powered by a rechargeable battery pack, usually 7.4 volt, or the bike's motor, 12 volt. The various manufacturers offer lines of compatible battery packs, cables, connections and adaptors. And many of these are interchangeable with the various different brands of heated clothing available. All heated motorcycle clothing will work with a temperature control module. One of the best known temperature control devices is the Heat-Troller, which works with most brands of clothing. In addition, there are many cable configurations which allow for the use of one piece of heated clothing -- or several connected pieces -- for total body comfort. Some dealers will offer a complete package for one price.


As heated clothing technology has advanced, more manufacturers have come online with heated gear. This has served to enhance and expand the range of heated gear available, while keeping the price affordable. For the most part, heated motorcycle clothing is priced between $60 for a pair of heated socks to $300 for a heated jacket with built-in heat controller. Considering the benefits provided by heated clothing -- warmth, comfort, extended riding season, safety -- heated motorcycle clothing is definitely a bargain. If you still need to be sold on heated clothing, for about $150-$200 you can purchase a top quality, very versatile heated motorcycle vest. See how this improves your life -- and move on from there.

Motorcycle Handlebar USB

Unlike buying a Dodge off the lot, purchasing a Fire Engine requires a committee designated to the design process because each truck is hand built to specifications. The committee designs the truck around what equipment will be placed on the truck.


The Fire Truck Committee needs to know what the truck is utilized for, ie: a rescue truck, engine pumper, ladder truck, wildland truck, where the tools should be placed to be effective and efficient, the right size pumps, what types of gauges are needed and where the gauges need to be placed. It requires working with the manufacturers throughout the entire process to see it through. The design of the fire truck needs to be made to meet the specific needs of that fire department.


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