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Why should you use Angular JS in Salesforce Visualforce pages?
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While HTML and JS have been the preferred tools for creating web documents, mobile platforms have demanded enhanced tools for creating applications suitable for them.

Web applications and mobile apps require dynamic views which cannot be created with HTML that is better suited for designing static documents. That is why JavaScript MVC frameworks rose to prominence as appropriate development tools for web and mobile applications. Of these tools, Angular JS has been apprised positively and is being considered as the best tool for making Visualforce pages in Salesforce.

Not only can you make Salesforce compatible with mobile platform but can also dynamically connect your sales team with Salesforce data using Visualforce. Angular JS emerges as a clear choice for Salesforce development due to the following advantages –

  •          Reduction in development time: Salesforce development time is substantially reduced and page UIs are simultaneously improved when Angular JS is used with Visualforce for web/ mobile development.


  •          Real time data binding: Unlike other standard development applications that only have one way binding between view template and data components; Angular JS has two way data binding. Model components or data components are connected with view template in such a manner that all data changes can be viewed at a real time basis. The static DOMs are replaced with dynamic DOMs, tracking and updating user actions.

In Salesforce pages such as quote calculator, where user actions are imperative for data viewing and data changes, this two way and real time data binding of Angular JS proves to be highly beneficial.

  •          Injectable dependencies: Angular JS allows for easy injection of dependencies in components in order to allow for passing of one service object to another. The injector is essentially a micro program that facilitates the passing on and enables construction of service objects. This allows for a lot of flexibility and control in building the business tree of an application. As Salesforce Visualforce pages are built with complex workflows with lot of calculations and data dependencies, use of Angular JS makes their development faster.


  •          Ability to Deep Link: Angular JS has inbuilt features to assist in URL Deep Linking, allowing for specific sections of a webpage to be referenced with the help of URLs. This feature can especially be of use in Visualforce apps where a particular section on the page can be shared with multiple users by creating specific URLs.


  •          Superior App aesthetics: In addition to all these technical advantages, Angular JS also helps in making Visualforce pages aesthetically more appealing after bypassing the Salesforce UI.


A tool like Angular JS that affords speed, better functionality and aesthetic appeal to your Salesforce development process is clearly indispensable. Therefore, in order to optimize your Salesforce development and Salesforce customization as per web or mobile platforms, partner with a Salesforce consulting company like Paragyte and utilize the superior development capabilities of Angular JS with Visualforce.


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