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More than 25,000 architects and building industry professionals share their creative works on Planndesign like AutoCAD drawing files, 3D designs, images etc, which are available for free download.

14, September 2017: For architects, designers, engineers and other building industry professionals, Planndesign is an amazing knowledge sharing platform where users can get an access to 2D designs, 3D designs, AutoCAD Drawings, images and lots more for free. The website is a strong community of over 25,000 professionals who post their creative works for the benefit of others.

The founder of Planndesign believes that the knowledge increases by sharing and this online platform has been designed for everyone who wants to share their creative works with others. The online platform has more than 5,000 free AutoCAD drawings, arranged into more than 20 different categories, which one can use for their own inspiration. The outstanding collection of drawings can be very useful for budding architects and other young professionals, and they can download drawings for free.

Planndesign has been conceptualized as a free library of resources that can guide all building industry professionals in delivering the best piece of their creativity. One can download DWG blocks for free and can start building their project with a great proficiency. The platform can serve the purpose of a one-stop online destination where one can find an access to all kinds of reference materials, inspirations, resources and tools. A user can freely download CAD blocks from the website to work on their project.

According to the founder of the online platform, their collection is growing rapidly as more and more new professionals are joining in and contributing their beautiful works. Whether someone is working on a residential, commercial or a hospitality project, they can download free drawings and get a wealth of ideas for their designing work. The revolutionary platform is a source of inspiration for numerous architects, interior designers and others.

Besides downloading designs and drawings for free, Planndesign also allows professionals to showcase their creative works and win over appreciations from others. One can upload their free CAD blocks on the website, which will be seen and praised by millions of users worldwide. To download or share designs and drawings, one can visit the website https://www.planndesign.com.

About Planndesign:

PlannDesign is the revolutionary online free service which gives users the power to download and share, view, discover creative works of thousands of professionals. PlannDesign, established in 2013, is like a library of creative works, such as AutoCad drawing files, 3D designs, images etc. Users can download a variety of works which can be used in Engineering, Architecture, Design, building, commercial or residential projects.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Kanika Singal
Company: Planndesign
Phone: 9717897685
Email: info@planndesign.com
Website: https://www.planndesign.com


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