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How to extend iPhone 5s battery life?
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After using within long time, the battery loss, the actual capacity to reduce so that the endurance is getting worse. Then how to extend battery life of iPhone 5s?


As all know iPhone battery capacity is not large, iPhone users are keeping on the rhythm of one charging per day. After using within long time, the battery loss, the actual capacity to reduce so that the endurance is getting worse. Then how to extend battery life of iPhone5s? As the so-called “Know you, ever-victorious”, how to protect their own cell phone battery is the same. First you should be familiar with your own battery status, in order to achieve the percentage of care. Here to share with you how to achieve free jailbreak to query iPhone 5s battery status, and how to delay your iphone5s battery life.


"Battery using life" is how long your device can be used before it needs to be recharged. "Battery life" is all the using time of your battery before need to be replaced. As the updating speed of smartphone is faster and faster, more and more features are built in phone, the cost of power is becoming quicker and quicker. Especially for iPhone 5s, the battery capacity is far from being satisfied with request. Not to mention the screen becomes bigger and bigger, which also increased the power spending.


Battery temperature

The iPhone 5s suitable temperature range is from 0 °C to 35 °C, as only as away from extreme temperatures, and your equipment can perform well over a wide range of ambient temperatures, as ranging from 16 °C to 22 °C (62 °F to 72 °F ) is the ideal temperature zone. It is important that the equipment would be permanently damaged at a temperature of 35 °C (95 °F). When using a device in a very cold environment, you may find a reduction in battery life, but this is only temporary. When the battery temperature returns to normal operating range, its performance will return to normal. In the PP Assistant home page where click to view the battery details, you can see more battery status information.


Charging environment

When iPhone in charging you need to pay a lot of attention to the surrounding environment, be noticed to leave phone away from flammable. In additional, you should take off the protective shell, as you put the device on some of the protective shell for charging, it may produce too much heat, thus affecting the battery capacity, especially in hot summer. If you find that your device gets hot during charging, soon remove the protective case first. In charging, do not play games, watch the video, making the iPhone temperature is too high iPhone equipment, are using lithium batteries, high temperature on its life is greatly affected.


Charging time

When charge to 100%, it is the best time to unplug the charger. After 100% of charge and continue to charge for one more hour, when the charger is pull out the battery is less than 100% full when the battery is the best situation, which means after fully charged, iPhone 5s have already entered the process of overshoot protection. Overcharge protect has stopped charging, during the next time only the battery consumption process, so there is no need to charge more time.


Periodic cycle charging

It’s recommended to perform a full cycle of charge once a month. When the iPhone indicates red and battery power is less than 20%, it’s the most suitable time to charge until it is full of 100%, which is a full cycle charge. This is conducive to the battery to keep the flow of electrons. Note that the number of times of full cycle charge should not be too much. Especially for a brand new phone, before first charging, the remaining power should be less than 20%, in order to protect battery lifetime.


Idle protection

When phone is not used for a long time, keep the battery in half of full power. If you do not use the equipment for a long time, there are two key factors that will affect the overall operating status of the battery: the ambient temperature and the percentage of battery life before the power off and stored. Therefore, don’t fully charge or completely discharge, the equipment charge should be about 50%. If you storage device when the battery power are completely depleted, the battery may be caught in the state of deep discharge, resulting in the consequences of not able to be recharged again. On the contrary, if you store a fully charged device for a long time, you may lose some battery capacity, thereby reducing battery life. If you plan to store your equipment for more than six months, you should charge 50% of your equipment every six months. Depending on the length of time the device is stored, it may be in a low battery condition when using a long-term storage device. To re-use, you may need to use the original power adapter for charging about 20 minutes.


Low power mode

Open low-power mode with iOS9 launch of low-power mode, the iPhone power is low, easy to extend battery life. Your iPhone 5s will send notice when the remaining 20% of the electricity, and when it’s the remaining of 10% you will be reminded again, you only need to tap, to open the low power mode. Alternatively, you can enter the "Settings"> "battery" to open the mode.


Above those tips can efficiently help you extend your iPhone 5s battery life. However most iPhone battery life is about 4 years, which means you need to replace a battery when life expires. Buying a good quality of iPhone 5s battery replacement from Cell Phone Age com is an important thing you should do at the first.



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