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What is the configuration and performance of iPad mini2?
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On market there are a wide variety of iPad mini2, then when face such so many options, how should we do in order to buy a good quality iPad mini2 tablet?


On market there are a wide variety of iPad mini2, then when face such so many options, how should we do in order to buy a good quality iPad mini2 tablet? When we decide to buy IPad mini2, we must be a smart consumer, do not fall into the consumer trap by low price promotion. So, we should do enough effort, as long as iPad mini2 is suitable, cost-effective is high, even spend a little more money to buy is worth it. Here, let the IT Wikipedia website Cell Phone Age com led everyone to understand the configuration of the iPad mini2.


IPad mini2 on weight and size has no big difference with the previous generation, although the increase in the Retina screen and the battery capacity is larger. But Apple still well maintained its "measurements" and "weight", so when long time to hold in hands you will not feel very tired. On vertical screen mode (girls) with one hand to catch the equipment, the posture of fingers spread out for holding the equipment is just right, but for a long time it will feel tired on fingers. On horizontal screen mode, if with both hands holding the device, if you do not use split the keyboard, to input may be a bit struggling. This time if there is support stand or with one hand holding the device to input will be more convenient.


IPad mini2 screen is better than the iPad mini, which is an indisputable fact. The resolution increased to 2048x1536, 326ppi, good clarity, the font is very sharp, looks very comfortable. For friends who like use the equipment to read books or browse the pages, do not worry the screen is not clear, it looks like the eyes are not uncomfortable. In the iPad mini2 look at the video feel very praised, but because of the screen size and video widescreen mode, widescreen video or still feel a bit small. With the iPad mini2 to watch US drama, the picture is sharp, but that the overall viewing angle becomes smaller.


In additional, when playing game the Retina screen brings high-definition visual experience to further enhance the game's visual effects, especially like the "king of glory" attracted to thousands of gamers it really can see very fun. As for many friends to respond to the white or black screen failure, light leakage, blur and other issues, we feel that as long as it does not affect the daily use, then no need to tangle this, but also come to away from trouble. After all, the tablet PC is bought to use, while a variety of functions can be used normally is the key.


IPad mini2 iSight camera is also 5 million pixels, back-illuminated, five-unit lens, f / 4 apertures, the same with the previous generation. The difference is that it is equipped with A7 processor, integrated image processor, white balance, focus, exposure, face detection, etc., and become more intelligent. In conditions of enough lights the shot photo effect is not bad. In low light conditions, although the image message processor has played an important role, but compared with the iPhone 5s, there is still a certain difference between the two. Video recording and photo shoot get the same effect. In low light conditions, video recording is better than the previous generation, but the noise problem did not get relief. Because of the relationship between the two mic, the sound quality becomes better.


IPad mini2 battery life is very strong, in the course of use of full power (screen brightness and sound are transferred to 100%), respectively, Wi-Fi online play music and high-definition video within an hour, the power dropped to 76%. Then play game within half an hour, the power reduced to 63%, in addition to some familiar system operations. According to the system shows that the use of 3 hours and 29 minutes, after standby of 5 hours 27 minutes the remained power is 48%. Because the cause if Retina screen and A7 processor, Apple iPad mini2 to use the battery capacity is larger, the power adapter is 10 watts. On fully charged time compared to previous iPad mini, there is no obvious difference.


IPad Air listed at the beginning, has been used with a lot of tools to test its run points. In most of the tests, iPad Air's running performance is stronger than the iPad 4's. In the actual use, you can also feel the iPad Air speed upgraded. Including the speed of boot, application running speed, open the page speed and so on. Especially users of iPad 3 or even iPad 2 will be more aware of the upgrade.


IPad mini4 is installed with the same processor chip as iPhone 5s, compared to A5X chip performance it has a very big upgrade. Previous performance tests showed that the performance of the iPad mini2 was five times higher than the previous generation. Performance improvements can also be demonstrated in our actual use. It’s fast to open page or application. Increased the contrast level, turn off the animation, video play is very fluent. During processing encountered a white or black screen phenomenon, which should be caused by 64-bit or iOS7 is not compatible some software. Wait for five seconds, and then press the Home button to respond.


Every consumer wants to buy a both affordable and good quality iPad mini2, of course, if it is inexpensive it is better, but the saying goes, no good goods is cheap. So when selecting an iPad mini2 touch screen replacement online, we should be careful not to cheat by fake or poor products from unscrupulous dealers.


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