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How much cost to replace Samsung S6 screen?
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Over the past two years, Samsung's mobile phone swept away the previous tag that high price but low configuration, since the introduction of Galaxy S6, Samsung's mobile phone began to attract much attention.

Over the past two years, Samsung's mobile phone swept away the previous tag that high price but low configuration, since the introduction of Galaxy S6, Samsung's mobile phone began to attract much attention. From S6 we can see, Samsung in these phones have made enough effort, so that configuration is very strong, and very innovative, loved by the vast number of consumers. And the unique surface of curved screen is to make the whole mobile phone values have increased. But if the phone screen rupture or cracked, it will become very troublesome. The following Cell Phone Age com will introduce you to the basic situation of this phone and replacing screen prices.


Samsung's products have always brought users feeling of calm and atmospheric, this product S6 is also no exception. Business users are Samsung's major market groups, so many of Samsung's products are using metal body, an increase of the product texture and luxury. Configuration is still relatively advanced, whether it is processor or running memory, both have demonstrated the grade of Samsung. The system also has a comprehensive improvement, not only the speed of response has improved. The camera has also been updated, as always in the high-end price, it is worth looking forward to the market.


Product Introduction

Galaxy S6 is a mobile phone on March 2, 2015 launched by Samsung, was officially listed for sale on April 11, 2015. Samsung Galaxy S6 with 5.1-inch screen, 2560 × 1440 pixels, pixel density up to 573ppi, built-in Exynos 7420 eight-core 64-bit processor, which can provide more performance and lower power consumption; using the front 500W pixels + rear 1600W pixels dual lens design, both support F1.9 large aperture. The sensor is the Sony IMX 240, supporting OIS optical image stabilization and automatic HDR technology. The GALAXY S6 and S6 Edge are the first time on the "GALAXYS" series which for Samsung to take market share in the smart phone world to equip with metal shell. From the scene given S6 and S6 Edge metal frame structure diagram, they used Metal area is similar with last year's Note4 / Note Edge and GALAXY Alpha, but the first two will be polished into a curved frame, compared to the previous S5 / Note 4 and other models feel better. The current price of 3100 RMB or so, which comes from the network, for reference only.


Samsung Galaxy S6 achieved the world's annual harvest of more than 20 million orders, which will push the S6 to the current top sales position. Samsung has also updated the sales estimate of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge which is expected to believe that its sales will be more than 70 million during the year. Although at present Samsung has not yet announced the total sales, according to the current situation of out of stock for S6 especially S6 Edge, the market can be described as very hot.


Product configuration

Galaxy S6 equipped with the world's first 14nm FinFET process mobile processor Exynos 7420, this SoC configuration is quite powerful, using a 64-bit eight-core architecture, by the quad-core Cortex-A57 2.1GHz and quad-core Cortex-A53 1.5GHz composition. In addition, it uses of 3G LPDDR4 1552MHz, memory bandwidth up to 24.8GB/s. every one of datas into the high-end mobile phone market are top configuration, Samsung also with its own hardware strength to push Galaxy S6 configuration to a new level. Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge camera parameter are consistent, while the front camera for the 500 million pixels and has a beauty function. Rear camera to maintain the 16 million pixels, but joined the OIS camera image stabilization, in low light shooting better results. Real-time HDR, intelligent OIS and infrared detection of white balance function can also provide help for quality. Sony IMX240 camera sensor components will be raised to 1 / 2.6 inch, which can actually improve the pixel photographic area. And Samsung in the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge joined the fast charge 2.0 and wireless charging function.


Price of replacing screen

As we all know, Samsung Galaxy series as Samsung's flagship model can be said to represent the latest and the best products of Samsung mobile phone. And this Samsung S6 configuration is completely not inferior to the latest Apple phone, in addition to the gap on the operating system, which makes many people, hesitated in these two product options. But although the phone is very popular, if you accidentally break the phone screen or other accident happened, it will become very troublesome, since repair price on this phone screen will not be too cheap. So when in daily use you should be more careful.


As the Samsung S6 is integrated screen, when replace the screen it need to directly change the whole. At third party repair store the cost is about 150 USD or so. If ask for official after-sales it is more expensive, offering at about 200 USD to 250 USD. But if you know how to replace it by yourself, you can directly buy a Galaxy S6 screen replacement from online shop Cell Phone Ahe com for DIY, while the cost can be less than 100 USD. 


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