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We provide the best, popular and Modern Indian recipes for Indian food lovers, if you want to impress you’re relative to Indian food then our recipes will help you.

Indian Recipes Archives | Fine Dining Indian

Indian recipes have become synonymous with healthy ingredients! Indian food is well known for its ability to retain the healthy, nutritious quality based on ancient texts and knowledge passed on from one generation to another.

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 And the good news is that nowadays they have got even better and well satisfy the requirements of modern men and women. The uniqueness of Indian menu can be well interpreted from the fact that all the food items posses a couple of ingredients---one working to nullify the side effect of the other and compliment each other nutritional value. Indian food is of course a great way to lead a healthy life. The great Indian food recipes have transformed the way people used to think earlier that healthy food is always dull and boring.

The appreciation for Indian culture and the understanding of its cuisine have increased considerably in western countries and contemporary Indian restaurants are coming up in different parts of the world. But unfortunately most people think Indian food as hot, spicy, oily, rich on fat, complicated and time-consuming to cook, etc...Indian food has remained highly understood up-till now. In reality they are extremely high on health benefits, nutrition, carbohydrates and proteins. Although they are slightly time consuming but with right preparation method it can be reduced to a considerable extent.

Modern Indian cooking recipes


Vegetarian recipes are regarded as the most efficient nutriment as plants are the basis of the food chain, next to the source of life itself, which is solar energy. Indian vegetarian dishes are loaded with antioxidants. Vegetarianism deals with our spiritual growth, which is evident from the growing number of vegetarian all over the world. Meat eater gets frequently angry and violent than vegetarian as the animal instincts becomes stronger every time we eat meat. Nutrition obtained from vegetarian diet has more sustaining power. Vegetarianism is a path to healthy lifestyle! Vegetarian diet posses lower fat content, lower saturated fat, lower cholesterol, more carbohydrates, vitamin, mineral, fiber and less protein which results in less obesity, less hypertension, less osteoporosis, fewer cases of heart attack, bowel disease and cancer.


Vegetarianism prepares the ground work for the health of body, mind and soul. Vegetarian diet not only improves your health and fitness but also assist you in spiritual enhancement. In order to achieve good health and purity of your body, mind, soul and planet, adopt vegetarianism.

As Indian cuisine gain popularity, with chic restaurants opening worldwide and serving inventive Indian dishes, home cooks are becoming more adventurous with the ingredients that make food so alluring. There are so many websites are offering these Indian recipes to their worldwide customers. The following tips in this article will reflect the traditional flavors of Indian cuisine but aren't wrought with long lists of hard-to-find ingredients. Modern Spice gives home cooks an accessible guide to cooking Indian groceries along with personal essays, time-saving and flavor-boosting tips, and factual tidbits about her cherished cuisine.


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