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Founded by aviation experts, our team has first-hand knowledge and experience of the aviation industry

AVI-TECH Aviation Technical

A career in aviation doesn't just include manning the cockpit. Although becoming a pilot is a popular and rewarding vocation, there are numerous and varied career paths for anyone interested in working in the flight industry, from business management to engineering and customer service. And, thankfully, you don't always need a head for heights to work in this field.

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Here is a round-up of some popular aviation jobs and tips for getting on the career ladder.


Aircraft Engineer


Aircraft engineers are skilled workers who prepare planes for flight and make sure they are safe and airworthy. Engineers are usually the permanent employees or contractors of a particular airline. You will need a license to practise as an aircraft engineer and lots of practical experience, but mechanics and people with a background in other areas of engineering will have a head start. Specialist areas include airframe structures, electrical structures, radars and engines. You can also train to work on particular types of aircraft. Experienced engineers can go on to more senior roles including managing quality assurance and maintenance planning. The Civil Aviation Authority has information on study paths and training for engineers and technicians.


Flight Control


Air traffic controllers make sure that planes make a safe journey through our very busy skies. There are several types of controller: Area controllers guide a plane during its flight; approach controllers take over as the plane reaches the airport; and finally the aerodrome controllers are the ones you will recognise at the top of the airport control tower guiding the plane in to land and take off. Experience is not required as full training is given on the job - but the majority of entrants train through the National Air Traffic Services. Confidence using navigational equipment and good communication skills are a must for these roles.


Air Charter Broker


As well as travelling on the major commercial airlines, businesses and wealthy individuals sometimes look to charter private aircraft to accommodate their schedules. Air Charter Broker's link customers with their options and arrange their travel, so you could find yourself making arrangements for a movie star to attend their latest film premier or jetting urgent cargo across the country. A background in travel, sales or passenger services can lead on to a career in brokerage. Searching through a specialist recruiter online is an excellent way to start your search.


Flight Attendant


Flight attendants do more than make sure airline passengers have a comfortable journey; they keep the plane safe and secure on the ground and in flight and are the first people passengers will look to in an emergency. Working with an international airline offers big opportunities to travel and foreign language skills can help you get work on some routes. No previous experience is necessary as full training is given, but experience in a public facing job is beneficial. Flight attendants can go on to become pursers (supervising or managing flight crews), coordinate flight crews on the ground, train and recruit other attendants or perform administrative roles such as pilot document controllers.


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