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Frequently asked questions about the iPhone 6s Plus
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Cell Phone Age still intend to spend a little while to notice you, to pay attention to the frequently asked questions before decision on buying an iPhone 6s Plus.


Although the iPhone 6s Plus has been exposed before the official release, although Cook did not given a new "egg" in the iPhone 6s Plus release, although their cameras are still raised, all these for the loyal "Apple fans" are not important. At the moment what they are most thinking about is how to get iPhone 6s plus at the most affordable price and the fastest speed. However, Cell Phone Age still intend to spend a little while to notice you, to pay attention to the frequently asked questions before decision on buying an iPhone 6s Plus.


What kind of user is suitable for buying iPhone 6s Plus?

A: on personal opinion, if you are currently holding the iPhone 5s / 5c / 5 or earlier iPhone 4s / 4, I think you can consider starting a new iPhone 6s Plus. In addition to the larger iPhone device screen, the overall hardware and software should be greatly improved in the use of the use of a new experience (3D Touch pressure touch looks very good). In addition, iPhone 6s Plus also joined the new rose gold (if you really like the color), but also more or less it will encourage you to buy a new machines. If you have not used the iPhone before and intend to change the "appetite", then in the case of budget allows you can also consider one step in place.


Of course, the previous generation iPhone 6/6 Plus can also be within the scope of your purchase plan, on appearance and screen size it has not much difference from 6s / 6s Plus. And most importantly, after 6s / 6s Plus release, the price of 6/6 Plus has also declined, for a limited budget friends, start a 6 or 6 Plus is also excellent.


What is the most attractive factor of iPhone 6s Plus for you?

A: Since I am an iPhone 6 user, so I am not going to immediately upgrade to iPhone 6s Plus. There are two reasons: 1. from the use of experience and recognition point of view, the two new products and not the so-called "revolutionary" change; 2. iPhone 6s Plus the initial listing will not be so easy to buy, premium component is relatively high. If you want to buy, then the iPhone 6s Plus may be the most attractive to them should have their 3D Touch pressure touch function. From the press conference and after the official website video introduction, in the daily use it is still a very convenient function.


How to choose capacity version of iPhone 6s Plus?

A: The iPhone 6s Plus's body storage capacity is still 16GB / 64GB / 128GB. According to my own experience, 16GB of storage capacity is relatively tight. Even if not installed a large game, do not use it to shoot video, in the use of about six months will be a variety of APP and photos filled with storage space.


Some people may say that you are more diligent to the phone in the photo cloud backup or guide the computer, not the APP uninstalled in time, so 16GB is enough. In fact, I have to think so before, but in fact not the case, there are a lot of photos that are usually not used, but there is something to be deleted; APP is the case, some months will not be used once, but when you are Want to use the time but found to be deleted, then you must be a crash.


So, here I suggest that everyone bite the bullet at least 64GB start. If you really think 64GB iPhone 6s Plus price a little bad to accept, then back to the Amoy a Hong Kong version or the US version is also possible.


What is the iPhone 6s Plus battery capacity?

A: At the press conference did not announce the same iPhone 6s this product battery capacity information, but the sharp eyes of the users or from the conference video screenshots to find the iPhone 6s battery capacity. According to the previous exposure of the packaging information and video screenshots to determine the basic iPhone 6s can only determine the battery capacity of only 1715mAh, which iPhone 6 1810mAh but also shrink 95mAh. Although the iPhone 6s Plus battery capacity is not known, but I personally guess its battery capacity will be slightly smaller than the previous 6 Plus.


Will a small shrink on the battery affect the cruise time of the phone? Before getting the real machine we are not good at conclusion. But from the Apple point of view we do not seem to worry too much. IPhone 6s and iPhone 6 from the corresponding official website, both on the Wi-Fi, LTE network life is the same, 3G call time, video playback time and other data are also the same; and for iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus the relevant data is the same.


Where replacing iPhone 6s Plus screen is cheaper?

A: This definitely exists. Due to the impact of policy factors, iPhone 6s Plus in the sale of countries and regions are not the same pricing, which also caused the price difference in replacement. At present it is recommended to buy iPhone 6s plus screen replacement online, compared to street third party repair store it costs the least.


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