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Advantages and disadvantages of refurbished phones
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The official refurbished phone usually refers to those returned mobile phones due to quality problems, by manufactures repair or replacement of the components of the reassembly and then is list again on the market.


The official refurbished phone usually refers to those returned mobile phones due to quality problems, by manufactures repair or replacement of the components of the reassembly and then is list again on the market. In addition to mobile phones, now there are more and more electronic products appear this official renovation of the sale of the situation, can also be called the official refurbished machine. Usually it will be clearly marked as the official refurbished phone, than the normal sales of mobile phones have a certain percentage of the discount.


What is the manufacturer refurbished phone?

All the time, the media rarely reported some of the negative news on the manufacturers, mainly to promote the main features of phone, but this approach is not what a professional media should do. We should have the courage to see, know, All right. This time we talk about something that television stations not to broadcast, the film will not play, Cell Phone Age want to say unknown secret on the phone industry.


Mention the refurbished phone, I believe many users feel no strange to it, but today what we talk about are not the kind of second-hand, or refurbished into a new phone, but a secret public in the mobile phone industry, manufacturers refurbished machine.


Speaking of manufacturers’ refurbished machines, many users may be a bit confused, and manufacturers will have a refurbished machine? In fact, we do not know, manufacturers’ refurbished machines and second-hand refurbished phones in the market is essentially different, popular point on manufacturers’ refurbished machines, but the production process of the problem of mobile phones, to repaired, so that it can be used normally. Enjoy the same with other licensed mobile phone after-sales service, that is, we often say B goods, and the new licensed mobile phone is called A goods.


In general, the manufacturers refurbished phone will not appear in the new or soon listed models, the mobile phone manufacturers will generally remain refurbished machine to stay, when the original phone of this model is about to delisting or prices reduced to a certain extent then make refurbished one launched on market, or take all the supply package to a channel seller, this can not only ensure quickly shipment, but also make sure their own profits, meanwhile make consumers get some concessions.


Disadvantages of refurbished phone

Everything is not perfect, where there are advantages there must be shortcomings, if you want to accept a thing, it depends on whether you can accept its shortcomings, things like, and people are the same.


Vendor refurbished machine shortcomings In addition to the machine itself to replace the parts or repair, the appearance of the shape, functional configuration will be outdated, because manufacturers refurbished machines appear on the market are often the time the phone is about to delisting , Very few people like the author as a dedicated person, like a life with a lifetime. Mobile phone with the rapid development of society, has become a fast moving consumer goods, the replacement rate is far greater than the speed of new products released, so manufacturers refurbished in those fashionable family seems not favored; second, that manufacturers buy refurbished machine a little hit The taste of the Grand Canal, buy a good one can be used for two years, will not have any problems, but encountered bad, may have bought a few days there will be such a problem, although manufacturers refurbished machine to provide Perfect after-sales service, but in the maintenance process of the waste of time and effort, it is not necessary, I believe this is some friends do not want to buy manufacturers refurbished one of the reasons.


Advantages of refurbished phone

Speaking of the advantages, in fact, it is to tell you about what our consumers can benefit from manufacturers’ refurbished phone. Everything depends on both sides, although the quality of manufacture refurbished phone is not as good as brand new, its price will be much cheaper, while enjoying the perfect same after-sales service, can be said to be two birds with one stone. For example, you had a friend, who very much like a brand of cell phone, not only because of beautiful appearance, but also functional configuration that very satisfied with his request, the only dissatisfaction is the price is too high, then the price is up to 700 USD licensed, it is ruthless Did not care, so he had to hold a wait and see. Unexpectedly, suddenly one day, he inadvertently seen in the market is also licensed, but the price is cheaper as 500 USD or so, although waiting for a long time, the price is within the range he can accept, so he used all the trick to buy a mobile phone, and finally know that this in fact is a manufacture refurbished phone, although the machine with some minor problems, does not affect daily use, but also enjoy the warranty, then why not do it, so he finally owned a phone that both he like and cheap, and now that phone did not appear any problems.


Whether refurbished phone is worth buying or not?

Based on the above point of view, Chris Cui from Cell Phone Age com, a wide known writer professional on mobile phone industry, believed that when talking on whether it is worth or not, things should be discussed in sub-circumstances. If you budget is enough to afford a brand new phone, of course you can do that. On the contrary, it is not impossible to choose a refurbished iPhone 6s. Because of fast development of mobile phone updating, after all you should consider of your own consumption ability while enjoying the technology fun.



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