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There are various types, styles, designs and variations of designer one piece swimsuits such as monokinis, sling bikinis, string bodies and halter-necks. Many of them are alterations of the two-piece Bikini swimwear that arrived in the 1940s.

Possibly the most common type of one-piece handmade swimwear is the tank suit. The word "tank" developed from "swimming tank" - the old name for pool. The fish tank suit has given way to the introduction of the ever before popular fish tank top, and the tankini - a swimwear comprising a fish tank top and the bottom piece of the bikini.

Another popular one-piece handmade swimwear is the sling bikini. It includes side straps that prolong upwards to cover women's chests, which then stretch over their shoulder blades and reach down the trunk to create a thong. The complete factors of the torso are discovered this way. Therefore the sling bikini becomes an extremely convenient swimwear by incorporating two elements (the very best and underneath bits) into one.

The monokini was designed by an Austrian known as Rudi Gernreich in 1967. It is a one-piece, topless swimwear for women comprising only the lower piece of the bikini. Gernreich needed the word from "mono"-indicating one or one, and it is another version of the initial two-piece bikini swimwear. The term could also be used to make reference to other one-piece swimsuits like a sling bikini. Other types of designer one piece swimsuits for females include string bodice, halter-necks, maillots, fish tank suits, plunge fronts and pretzel suits.


That is a different type of conventional swimsuit also called tank suits. They have bandeau tops, regular container top straps or halter tops. It offers a variety in leg openings from a high cut to a minimal one. There can also be some adorable detailing like ruffles or belts. This kind is wonderful for those seeking more coverage or attempting to hide a smooth tummy.

Deciding on the best fabric

A particular feature of the beach bikinis that differentiates it from other clothes is its chlorine resistance. Swimming pools chlorinated normal water degrades the grade of any other cloth, but a good quality chlorine amount of resistance cloth helps quite a distance to withstand the chlorine in the textile. While buying a swimsuit, make sure the textile is chlorine protected such that it can be utilized for a longer time.

Deciding on the best fit

The fitness of a swimsuit is vital. It should lay flat against no pulling from the beginning or the straps, no lines and wrinkles no gathering at the seams. It will also have a good installing, neither too loose nor too restricted and really should also allow free movements. It should be considered that the straps shouldn't dig or slip.

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